NAACP Chapter Calls For National Boycott of North Carolina After HB2 Disaster

After North Carolina's Senate voted against the repeal of HB2, NC NAACP is calling for a national boycott of North Carolina.

Sharing on Twitter, they write:

“Enough is enough so we are making 3 announcements today…On Feb 11, we will hold the #MoralMarch on RALEIGH themed resisting the continued attacks and unconstitutional overreach of the #NCGA…We will file a lawsuit against the political overreach of the #NCGA…After Christmas, the NC NAACP leadership will convene to write a proposal to the Nat’l NAACP to call for a national economic boycott of #NC.

“The boycott proposal will be based on 1) restoration of access to the Supreme Court and full repeal of the hijacking of the BOE. The boycott proposal will be based on 2) full repeal of #HB2. The boycott proposal will be based on 3) fair and constitutional redrawing of NC districts.

“This group of extremists doesn’t respect the constitution, the will of the people, or the vote…We will fight them in the streets, courts, ballot box and soon in their pocketbooks.”

Additionally, NC NAACP President Reverend Dr. William Barber, II released a statement. He writes:

Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger committed to repealing House Bill 2 in its entirety, as promised to Governor-elect Cooper and as confirmed by Governor McCrory, during the special session held today. Instead, they spent nine hours at the NC General Assembly playing political games with the constitutional rights of North Carolinians.

The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is clear: equal protection for all is the law of the land. House Bill 2 undermines equal protection for workers who need a living wage, citizens in North Carolina who need access to state courts for employment discrimination complaints and the LGBTQ community who have the right to live free from fear of discrimination in schools and at work.

House Bill 2 is anti-civil rights and anti-LGBTQ hate-filled legislation. We believe Charlotte should not have been forced to repeal its good ordinance before this ideologically-controlled legislature considered repealing it. However, once they did, HB2 should have been repealed in its entirety as promised by the leadership of the NC General Assembly. Our elected officials should have worked to protect all the people of North Carolina but instead they wasted our time and tax money. Both the House and the Senate’s all white Republican caucus have proven that they are not fit to govern North Carolina. Both Chambers were found unconstitutional by a federal court earlier this year which ruled that NC districts were racially gerrymandered and must be redrawn and elections must be held again in 2017 for every member of the House and Senate.

The legislature adjourned without repealing House Bill 2 because they could not bring themselves to protect living wages and the civil rights of the LGBTQ community. This is shameful and a disgrace to North Carolina. The majority of the Republican extremists can only seem to get together when they are passing unconstitutional laws that hurt the poor, African Americans, minorities, women, immigrants, public education, the environment and the LGBTQ community. Otherwise, today is proof that they are totally dysfunctional. The hope for North Carolina is that next year, when the courts have demanded that the NC General Assembly fairly redraw the districts and hold an additional election, the people will have the opportunity to judge these legislators at the ballot box.

The NC NAACP tweets:

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