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Nancy Grace Praises Anti-Gay Activist Anita Bryant As A "Sweet Lady"

Using the Brad Pitt Maleficent Red Carpet attack as a launch pad, Nancy Disgrace threw out all context and glossed over Anita Bryant's history as one of the first anti-gay activists to label her a "sweet lady." 

"She makes me think of my own mother," Nancy says. "Why would you do this to a sweet lady?"

Why, Nancy? Maybe because this "sweet lady" devoted her life to painting all gay men as pedophiles in a shameful crusade against the then-burgeoning gay and lesbian community. Your mother should be offended that you compared the two. 


Does Nancy Grace think that the KKK and Nazi party are comprised of just "nice ladies and gents" as well?

I'm sure some people may feel that NANCY deserves a "pie" of her own, but I think that having THAT face is punishment enough.  

Yeah, for her and everybody that has to look at her.  

What I want to know is DOES SHE STILL LOVE KERMIT?  

Just askin'.  : )  

Was big big fan of Nancy Grace and now not so much!! Anita B was so hateful and in no way a sweet lady I still can't believe she is so uneducated about that come on Nancy you should know better

Sweet Lady???  Anita was a shark bitch!  Nancy needs to do her homework

I love Nancy Grace! Leave her alone!

PS....and what a bad dancer!!!!! She has lost her purpose and become just another mouth spewing from her pulpit. Once a probing reporter, now she's just nails on the chalk board. Ever notice how major trials have Left The network. Between Nancy grace and Jane velez mitchell, the viewers have found the need to give up coffee drinking during their shows, and shifted to whiskey and cotton balls in their ears to drown out their agonizing voices and over acting. us a favor....get new journalists or go off the air.

Sorry.....but I used to think Nancy grace was direct, influential, etc..., but after awhile she has shown that she doesn't care about others positions. She cares only about spouting off her opinion and belittles others. Case and point; during the Jody arias trial, she really went over the top. She cuts guests off if they try to explain or answer her questions. She is rude, one sided, and sometimes just abrasive. Also, listen to her show, she talks like a child, nasal, juvenile, over dramatic, and finds anytime to talk about her twins, her twins, her twins....her one saving "grace" is remembering those lost in combat.

There is absolutely zero correlation between Anita Bryant and Brad Pitt. A pie in the face is a harmless assault against someone for some political reason. The pie-thrower is of no importance, the cause becomes center stage. Brad Pitt's attacker wants to be in the limelight, and it's a person who is attempting to be center stage. 

Well, Nancy Grace. Do you realize how many innocent young men may have committed suicide due to her misrepresentation and lies. She's lucky all she got was a pie in the face. And I agree- your mother should be ashamed that you would compare her to that hateful person. She publicized her totally uneducated opinions- calling all gays child molesters. I know- I was there when it was happening. The sad part was that people believed her.

wow.  a real pair of shitty female journalists.  Comparing two completely different situations as if they were the same.  That bitch is lucky all she got was a pie in the face, would've been my fist.  She wasn't a poor victim, she was the instigator.  So fuck off bitches, with your bullshit opinions.  Reminds me of my mom.............if your mom's a gay hating cunt.

How many times and exactly what does the woman need to do yo make amends. Besides going on national TV and retracting what she said and apologizing. I've done shit in my younger days that I'm not proud of but for how long do I need to pay for those deeds. As a journalist you can focus on a point in time but when that person has done a 180 from those days it is a journalists job and responsibility to point that out as well. At least is your a good journalist you do. But when you go after someone with the idea of getting even with out all the facts. You can't be considered a good journalist. Anita Bryant's public reversal and apology and work she has done since worked for this gay man who was actually there when she was botching out.

Excuse me, but in her 2006 autobiography she clearly states that she supports her actions and opinions of the seventies and that nothing has changed. You better check yourself.

This commentary is absolute nonsense.  Anita Bryant was being widely protested by gays and supporters in the land at the time because of her lies, falsehoods and distortions about one minority group.  (The scientific community roundly rejected her outrageous claims of links between gays and pedophilia--a revolting charge at best.)  There was absolutely no "envy" involved from those who despised Bryant for her high profile defamation.  Many, like myself, had even been Bryant fans prior to launch of her hateful campaign.  At the time, gays were encouraged to go into grocery stores with pointed objects to poke holes in Tropicana Orange Juice (the company had refused to back away from support of Bryant despite her lies and campaign of distortion.)

The last time I heard of "nice lady" Anita Bryant in the news, she was being taken to court by the employees of her dinner theatre because she had refused to pay them.  So much for the "nice" part.  Not so "nice" if you work for her.  (And whoa, Nancy Grace, "Christian" values have nothing to do with Bryant's campaign of hate.)

Nancy Grace and her "expert" appear just plain goofy and out of touch here.  Read some history, people!!!

Terrible distortion of the facts by Nancy Grace.  (But what else is new?)

Anita Bryant is a bitch.... Just sayin'

Anita's attacker was not a stalker. She had NOTHING that he was envious of. He pied her as a symbol of discontent for her views and Labeling Of Gay People As pedophiles. Though his actions were guttural and instinctive, and went too far, he was not attacking such a great lady. Nancy should be ashamed for how she reported this story. As a "journalist", you are suppose to report the facts, not skim over them to make your decided point

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