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Napoleon Bonaparte Had A 1.5 Inch Penis, Documentary Show Reports

The modern concept of a "Napoleon Complex" is about to get a lot more personal thanks to British docu-series. In Wednesday night's episode of Dead Famous DNA, host Mark Evans spoke with Evan Lattimer, the "owner" of a carefully preserved penis allegedly belonging to Napoleon.

“It’s very small but it’s famous for being small," Lattimer says of the verified 1.5 inch specimen. "It’s perfect structurally, the university have done X-rays and examinations and it’s obviously what it is.”

Lattimer obtained the penis from her father (an unfortunate phrase when typed out like that), a famous urologist who purchased it at an auction in Paris for $3,000 in 1977. 





I call B.S. First off, no way to prove that was actually Napoleon's. Lastly, how long have we heard that bit about Napoleon being tiny when he was, in fact, average to above average height for a European male of the period? Wouldn't really trust anything the British say about Napoleon's attribute.

Napoleon was 5'2". That is a less than average height for Europeans at the time.

5' 2" in French feet, translated to English measurement we would recognise today that is 4' 6.5" which was actually above average height at that point in time.

After being dead for 200 years, I'm sure that it is much less than that now.

OMG.   I had to reread twice.  I was hoping it was a misprint and was really 15 inch(es).

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