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Nash Grier Kisses Gay Fan To Prove He's Not A Homophobe

One of the most awkward kisses ever is supposed proof that Vine's biggest star is not a homophobe. 

Yep, that's Nash Grier, the commander of nearly 9 million Vine followers and personality who said HIV is a "fag disease," on the right. 

On the left is a gay fan/pawn in Nash's "I'm Not Homophobic 2014 Tour."

The fan then shared the news on his Tumblr page, writing [sic], "To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologizing twice."

There, does that kiss on the boo-boo make it better, Instincters?


Im sorry but. is this supposed 2 automatically redeem him??? HELL NO. plus thts not even real.  theres a video of him kissing random ppl if he wins rock paper sisccors. That pic is from tht video.

More than the statement of how ignorant a 16 year old can be who has unlimited access to the internet information highway is the statement of how easily that unfortunate teen can express his ignorance to millions of strangers and actually be treated as if teenagers never say stupid things.

This is false. He didn't kiss a gay fan. This was a snapchat story from Jerome Jarre's snapchat. The snapchat story was about saving the world with kisses. They had to play double rock paper scissors. If Nash or Jerome lose then the opponent slaps them. If they win then they kiss the opponent. In the case Nash won against this guy who was with a girl so he kissed him and he lost against the girl so she slapped him.

See video here:

Who's Nash grief?

This just makes it worse.. and what does kissing a gay guy prove? Just means you'll do anything to get followers back.


He's a kid that knew better and tried to pull a stunt to become famous. Fvck him he knew what he was doing. Age is no excuse for hate. This kiss is also a stunt.ets stop giving this punk anymore attention. We have bigger fish to fry.

His followers dropped from 8 million to 1.7.

He has two channels, I think you are refering to his 2nd channel.

He only did that to make people think he wasn't a homophobe! He is still the piece of shit that he always had been.

No one cares what this fucktard does.

I believe HIV is a virus. That people not just gays have been contracting for century's. U r more likely to be infected from a women. More women r most likely to have unsanitary sex. Viruses r more likely to be created from unsanitary conditions.

MAYBE if he was being spit roasted by a group of fat daddy bears in Times Square, maybe. But he'd have to post the link to his xtube page

"HIV is a fag disease, no need to get tested" was he trying to say that only gay people need to get tested for that?

Can't believe you guys are finding him attractive after what's he done! Makes me think that you guys think, just as him, with your dicks? 

We can educate him, forgive him, but some of us will never forget him!

He has offended a lot of people living with HIV, and that's not something you can just erase with a kiss.

ugly fucks. need their mouths sewn together and left that way for this fag stunt.

This stupid kid does not get it, he can kiss all the gays he wants, suck all the cocks he wants, get fucked by all the guys he wants, but until he makes a video promoting HIV testing for all and everyone that is not gay, he'll still be the fucking homophobic moron he's always been!!

Looks like a publicity stunt. Just to get more attention. It's always the closet ones.

Ok first he is a stupid kid making a stupid comment and doing stupid things that he stupidly thinks is going to make us all go aweeee. But the thing is he is a kid. We need to be the example and educate him and others why this was wrong and have spread that message. If we continue to bash him with hate then we are no better and just as immature as he is. Allow this to be a learning point for all of us. 

Exactly! I'm sure if we all looked back to our 15, 16, 17 year old self, we could all see many stupid thing that we did.  He seems to be trying to put his best foot forward so we should just look at his actions from this point on. If he keeps on the path of a socially responsible person then good for him and good for us all. With 9 million impressionable viewers, this could turn out to be a good thing for us.

Best comment!  I 100% agree. 

You'd think it was the other way around from the pic.  The gay guy looks like he's not feeling it and the supposed straight guy looks like he's really enjoying it! LOL

Kissing or having sex with gay men is not proof you're not a homophobe, especially when many homophobes will engage in gay sex in secrecy and then go gay bashing... It is all about how he can deal with selfloathing. And, sorry, but the guy being kissing looks quite disgusted himself!

Now, what Nash's said is indisputably homophobe and nothing he does, or pretends to do will make me think otherwise. He can be buttfucked in public and still be a homophobe.

Why is he grimacing?

Bye, Felicia!

You can't take back words that strong.  What he said was horribly ignorant and childish about gays and HIV positive people.  He really needs to learn a lesson here and maybe educate himself.  What a reject!!!

He looks scared. Someone must of lost some followers. Including myself. NEXT!!!!

Hell no! Now if he dropped to his knees and gave him head then I would say yes. But of course I would need to see the video. 

Hahaha i would love to see that. He is sexy as stupid as he is

That guy is not about it. lol

Ummmmmm. No. 

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