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Nash Grier's Father Says Vine Star 'Is Not A Hatemonger Or A Homophobe'

Chad Grier, the father of Nash Grier the popular Vine celebrity whose video linking "fags" to the spread of HIV went viral and resulted in huge backlash towards the 16-year-old, is speaking out in defense of his son. 

The Charlotte Observer reports:

Teen video star Nash Grier will work to educate himself and others about HIV to make up for a “stupid and immature” video clip that went viral this week, his father said Wednesday.

“Nash is not a hatemonger or a homophobe,” but there’s no excuse for posting a six-second spoof in which the teen yelled a slur against gay people, said father Chad Grier of Davidson.

Regarding the video, which Grier says was actually posted and removed from Vine in April 2013:

Chad Grier says he saw it about a week later and talked to Nash, who took it down.

“It was just a stupid, immature attempt to be funny,” Chad Grier said. “It wasn’t funny.”


The father says his son understands his use of the slur hurt people but isn’t sure how to undo the damage.

“He’s a 16-year-old kid living in LA trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” Chad Grier said.

He said his son plans to use his celebrity to spread the word about the dangers of posting things that can hurt people. He will also educate himself about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and help spread accurate information, Chad Grier said.

Read more here: father says his son understands his use of the slur hurt people but isn’t sure how to undo the damage.“He’s a 16-year-old kid living in LA trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” Chad Grier said.He said his son plans to use his celebrity to spread the word about the dangers of posting things that can hurt people. He will also educate himself about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and help spread accurate information, Chad Grier said.

Nash posted a second apology to Twitter on Wednesday, tweeting:

What do you think Chad's defense of his son and Nash's second apology?


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Ok, I'll admit this comment could be a bit biased, because I personally am a fan of Nash's. When I saw the video, I was shocked and disgusted. How could this boy that I love have said something like that? But then I thought for a moment. I hear that kind of stuff coming out of fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds mouths on a daily basis. It's terrible and disgusting, but adults really turn a blind eye to it. And why, you ask? "Because they're teens and they're gonna make mistakes." If parents do overhear or see their teen do or say something along the lines of what Nash has, they, of course, will properly teach them better, and try to ensure these actions are not committed again. Chad Grier has taken measures to inform and educate Nash on the subject of HIV. Just like any parent would do. I agree Nash could have apologized in a better way, but tweets are the way we do things now. An apology was made, and it's up to you if you wish to accept it. Be the better person, or dwell on about it.

Back to the topic of teens making these awful comments, who DO we blame? There is no clear answer. Some would say society, but we need to remember that we, as living breathing humans, make up society. We live in a world where teens get the brunt of society's cruel standards and expectations, and as young people, we feel the need to say and do things that are harmful or rude in order to fit in/get a rush/let our harsh feelings out, targeting no thing in particular. Instead of focusing on one teen's mistake, we need to look at WHY. Let's not dwell on Nash's, although highly offensive, juvenile actions and instead move forward to try and understand what motivates teens to do these sort of things. I do not approve of his actions at all, but in focusing on the lighter side of young Mr. Grier, you can see he has helped his teen fans get through an otherwise terrible day. He responds to fans on twitter constantly, and has said through both twitter and vine to "stay strong" and tell us "you're beautiful don't forget it." So instead of bashing him for his actions, DO SOMETHING ABOUT WHY TEENS ACT OUT. Being a teen is getting tougher and tougher and what adults don't realize is that teens go through things you wouldnt believe. All I'm saying is if youre not willing to do something to help this generation of young adults, then you shouldnt be bashing the actions of one.

~Hanna, aged FIFTEEN.

And what about the gay teens that Mr Grier has just bashed in his hate video? What about them?
Grier is a homophobic thug out to make money, not a poor misunderstood teenager.

If he was a few years older, I'd ride that knob. I would be surprised if he hasn't already ridden a few knobs of his own.

He's a child, let it go! We were all stupid at 16. And if you weren't, most likely you were a nerd or just plane boring. 

A 16 year old is an adult. He produces videos to make money. He is responsible for what he produces and distibutes publicly. He is responsible for his homophobic rants and insults to sick and suffering people, which he consciously included in his video to make money.

In the US, 18 is a legal adult.

Therefor, if he makes money on YouTube, it's his parents or another legal guardian that collects his money, since you can't agree to a legally binding contract unless you're at least 18 years old.

He's a knob

Maybe sit down somewhere and instead of worrying about your vine followers etc. worry about quizzes and homework and do something with yourself.

Bow out, sit down and let the fury die down instead of popping up every ten seconds to remind everybody that you were an ignorant jackass teenager who decided thinking before acting is something white America doesn't have to worry about doing. Stupid ass, the more you and your parents and whoever else go public with something to say behind your stupid as sit just makes it worse. People are going to hate you for a good minute so make peace with that. You've said your apologies now stfu go forth and sin no more.

He is a pathetic nobody. One day he is going to have a kid, who in fact just might be gay. I hope he lived to see that day, and choke on his words. Karma is a bitch. I can only imagine what is going to happen when people see him in the streets. Although he is entitled to his opinion, this is a hate crime, and it should not go unpunshised. 

He is still a kid, and kids do stupid things all the time.  I'm sure you did something hurtful or said something hurtful when you were his age, there just probably may not have been the internet at that time to magnify it millions of times over.   I think his apology seemed sincere.  If he was an adult, it would be different (but it shouldn't be) .  I think if more people responded to ignorant people such as this kid or even adults with a kinder and more gentle approach, while still getting feelings on the subject across and educating them, it would go a lot farther than just saying something hateful back.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  Ever. 

If he really wants to prove he's truly sorry, he should do some volunteer work at an agency that deals with HIV people. Prove he is not the bigoted homophobe he appears to be


A person being paid to make and distibute video: If he is happy to take the money, then he gets the responsibility that comes with it. A 16 year old is an adult. This is an adult that shouts angry, almost criminally insulting abuse on a publicly published forum for money. He's a foul mouthed and greedy adult.
And if he was 15, then his parents are responsible and that is even worse.
Give your earnings to the people you insulted - 'oh, I'm sorry but I'm keeping the money' doesn't cut it.

If you honestly think 16 is an Adult you either are 16 right now or haven't been 16 in over 50 years. Everyone makes stupid mistakes at that age, in fact that's the age your supposed to do it. The only reason it;s such a big deal is because of the internet anyway. He apologized, he really doesn't have to prove anything to any of us cause we're alls strangers to him and he owes us nothing. Let it go.

What do you mean 'soon after you posted it, you deleted it'??? Your DAD had to tell you to take it off a whole week later!
It IS unforgivable and inexcusable. In my opinion, to PROVE to him its not just a 'gay thing'; we should infect him with the virus so he KNOWS it not just gays who have to deal it!
Idc if he was uneducated; that is a basic human decency he so obviously does not have.

WOW, overkill much? It was a stupid internet video made by a stupid kid who is being taught better by a parent. If you really think that earns him HIV or AIDS, I honestly am offended more by you than him. You obviously never knew anyone who had to suffer the disease. I have, it was terrible and it's not something that should be thrown around lightly by over zealous internet vigilantes. Your are just as wrong as he was to even suggest something like that.

ThIs whole "royal we" mentality you just displayed is exactly why homophones heterosexuals have this "us against them" mentality and the very idea of you suggesting to infect a 16 year old boy who said something ignorant (what a surprise) with something like HIV and is absolutely disgusting. You are responding with the same level of intolerance that we are trying to get rid of. There is no punishing the ignorant, there is only educating...

See I want to see a apologetic video or vine. Anyone can write sorry in a note but he should man up and say it to a camera

I'm sure he will, but it's best for him to take his time and take the time to educate on why he was wrong and learn something before posting a new video on the subject.   This whole mess could change his life forever.  Who knows?  What he learns in dealing with this could inspire him into becoming an advocate for people with HIV,   We have a responsibility to give all children a chance.  He is a child.  We shouldn't forget that.  

I am a gay male, and I have moved past this. He apologized. The boy is 16, and likely 15 when he posted the vine. Hopefully he really is sorry, and will educate himself. I for one will not persecute him for being young and dumb. I was 16 once

I am a gay male with HIV, so I guess that means I'm more of an expert on this topic than you are?
Here are some facts that completely shoot down your whole "I was 16 once" shtick:

in 2014, 25% of all new HIV cases are ages 13-24; 60% of THOSE don't even know they have it.
This "Li'l Adolf" has 8 MILLION teenybopper followers. So what's he's done is irresponsible at least and possibly criminal at most.

If this doesn't tell you how dangerous his actions are, then I don't know what.
I lived through the first Epidemic and it's coming back, albeit in a more manageable form.

The SECOND Epidemic is ALL on this kid's generation. Ergo: he's a menace.

Here's one: @protectmyincome

Here's one: @protectmyincome

In my country, we call that a Crock of Shit.

Will he donate all his income to an accredited AIDS Trust to show us how sorry he is? Or are these cheap and easy 'I'm sorry' tweets all he intends to do?

I'm not buying this shit for a minute. The only reason the father has stepped has something  to do with money and nothing else. I've posted on every article on the web that he needs to be shut down now....the sooner the better. Stop it now...I don't want to here anything else. I saw what he did after he removed the video and that shit confirmed all we needed to know. I really hope and pray my community will stick together and demand he be shut down. 

Well if you were to ask me, he needs to be removed from Vine and any other social media until the day that he is mature enough to use these outlets. As well as him and his "parents" need to participate in some kind of program that teaches people how to appropriately conduct themselves in an mature adult way. He needs to be reprimanded for his actions. Also be made to volunteer his time with a Human Rights Organization and an HIV/AIDS research lab, so the next time he decided to spew out the wrong and hurtful information he thinks twice.

removing him isn't the answer and won't happen anytime soon, but using his celebrity to educate correct information will have a positive impact on his fan base.

I agree 100%. Thank you for posting.

If he's such a huge Vine/YouTube star, why isn't there a video apology? Why are his fans only being subjected to a screengrab of what we can only assume is his actual phone with his actual writing. Tweets that were never actually submitted as text to Twitter for either apology of his? These tweets can easily be dismissed by his followers -- a video, on the hand will not be. For all we know someone else wrote this to save his sorry butt.

If he were truly sorry he'd make a video clip of his apology, without his smug/snarky facial expressions. He should also make videos educating his fans about the the spread of HIV and other diseases and encourage them to be safe if they are going to have sex.

that is a picture he uploaded to twitter with text far longer than the 140 characters.

Its shit like this... Any idiot with a webcam can be "famous." I wish that instead of elevating dumbasses like this, we revered people who did good things for society. I mean, what makes this kid worth watching? Who cares what he says?

several million teen girls think he has something important to say. 

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