Natalie Portman Shocks With X-Rated Queen Amidala SNL Rap!

In one sense this news isn't very gay, but in the other sense, it's the gayest thing I've ever seen, so here we are! This weekend Natalie Portman took on hosting duties of Saturday Night Live, and in addition to keeping things topical with searing jabs at the current White House administration, Portman reprised the unforgettable rap personal that she first debuted in 2006! Portman reminds audiences that she's not always the poised and proper A-list actress we see on screen and during red carpet events, and in addition to stringing together curse words in such creative prose that Nicki Minaj is taking a minute to rethink things, Portman also proposes that she use the restroom in a man's mouth to teach him a lesson. But enough about my Saturday night. Rite ladies. Rite ladies.

SO, the part of thirty-six-year-old Portman's rap that has the Internet buzzing involves her reprisal of a certain Queen Amidala in order to defend the obvious best Star Wars movies ever, and just the best movies in general ever - the Star Wars Prequels. As someone who was just coming out as openly Hayden Christensen-lusting during the Prequel days, I completely stand with Portman. She even reveals that Jar Jar Binks had over a baker's dozen penises. Sign me up. Rite ladies. Well I hate Super Bowl coverage, so this is the highlight of my day, and I hope it is for yours as well!