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National Cathedral Dean Gary Hall: 'Homophobia Is A Sin'

We're used to preachers unleashing a message of fire and brimstone from the pulpit, but this past Sunday Rev. Gary Hall, the dean of the U.S. National Cathedral was only spreading the gospel of love. 

The pastor plainly denounced homophobia and the oppression of the LGBT community saying according to The Huffington Post:

"We must now have the courage to take the final step and call homophobia and heterosexism what they are. They are sin. Homophobia is a sin.Heterosexism is a sin. Shaming people for whom they love is a sin," said Dean Hall. He continued, "Only when all our churches say that clearly and boldly and courageously will our LGBT youth be free to grow up in a culture that totally embraces them fully as they are."

He criticized the role that some churches have in advancing oppression of LGTB youth, saying, "It’s more than tragic—in fact it’s shameful--that faith communities, especially Christian ones, continue to be complicit in putting our children at risk and abetting the attitudes that oppress them, thereby encouraging the aggressors who would subject our children to pain, humiliation, and violence."

Hall made his remarks during a weekend honoring LGBT young people at the Cathedral. 

Surprised by his message from the national pulpit, Instincters?


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