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National Gay Blood Drive Coming July 11

People across the United States will be taking part in the National Gay Blood Drive on July 11!

Gay men have been banned from blood donation since 1983 despite the American Medical Association denouncing the ban as unnecessary.

Edge New England reports:

The people behind the National Gay Blood Drive, which will happen nationally on Friday, July 11, hope people across the country will come out and do their part to help throw this outdated policy in the garbage where it belongs.

On July 11, gay men across the country are going to show their willingness to donate blood by bringing an ally in their place to donate for them. The ally should get a name tag or a piece of paper and write the name of the person who wishes to donate but cannot, then have a photograph taken of the both of them together. The photographs (and where applicable, the nametags) will be collected and sent to the Food and Drug Administration to show them just how many people are united against their outdated and discriminatory policy. 

The organizers of the National Gay Blood Drive believe the policy should be changed from banning donations based on sexual orientation to sexual behavior and risk factors as determined on a case-by-case basis.

Head over to the National Gay Blood Drive's website for more information!


Nobody wants gay blood in their veins.

whoever u are can go fuck yourself thats inappropiate  to talk like that be gay or lesbian isn t in blood its a mind and hormone thing

I'm not whoever said the comment but you should really chill out. They may have meant it sarcastically (as I took it) which doesn't translate all that well online. But go ahead on the attack and react with little to no information because, you know, that's what community is all about. There, did you smell the sarcasm in THAT one?

Why don't they test the blood for HIV instead of denying all gays from donating?

They do test all donations. That is one of the reasons the ban is obsolete. 

All of the drive information can be found on the website, listed above. And please also sign our White House petition!!

I was denied donating blood several years ago because I was honest about being gay. It turned me off so bad that I'll probably never donate. And I have O negative, compatable with ANYBODY. 

where is this happening!?!?!?!? I am a 25 year old gay male living in SW florida, this is important to me, when i was in my junior year of high school i was publicly embarrassed by a staff on a blood bus that came to our school unintentionally. The staff was great but upon answering a questionnaire that i had answered before (i had donated one time prior) an answer had changed, i was promptly escorted off the bus and told i could not donate furthering embarrassing myself because if felt it needed to be known, not to mention the fact that more then a handful of students and staff had seen me go in and out to quickly and teased that i was scared, which was not the case, i made it known the because i had been with someone of the same sex i was denied the opportunity to help, that being said i was stunned because knowing that a few of the guys on the football team who had slept with women in excess there was no problem in them donating. Upset as i was i tried to raise an outcry to no avail, several years later i attempted to donate blood again and was blocked out from the computers, i finally had to go through the motions of calling several people and being led all over, until i finally found a woman who explained that some kind of legislation or what have you was preventing me from donating because of my "homosexual tendencies" she was unable to help me further and the whole thing died out but now i randomly stumble on to this and im over joyed to hear that people are banding together i only wish that i had done more on my part to help and i feel like i let the opportunity to contribute even just my support slip away!

In South Africa gay men could donate if they had been celibate for 6 months. In May this year that outdated policy was kicked out and now gay men who are sexually active (as long as they are monogamous, and been with their partner longer than 6 months, which is the same rule for heterosexual couples too) can donate freely. I do bloated for the first time 2 weeks ago. Felt amazing :)

Gays can't donate to the gay blood drive? That's stupid.

Will they be in Austin Tx? And where I want to donate my blood

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