National Organization For Marriage Asked To Cease Use Of Pinterest Logo

Anti-gay group the National Organization is no stranger to controversy surrounding its marketing graphics.

After passing off Obama campaign photos as images of NOM's own rallies (not once, but twice), the homophobic hate group has gone on to rip of Pinterest's trademarked logo in a recent post on Facebook. 

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You received the tip from a member of a civil rights Facebook group, who vigilantly alerted Pinterest to the breach of terms.

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention," Stephanie from Pinterest wrote in response. "This goes against our Brand Guidelines, and will be contacting the organization to cease the use of our logo in this way."

For an organization so outraged by the "lawlessness" of marriage equality, you'd think they'd give a few more fucks about this kind of stuff. But, nope. 




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