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National Park Service Initiates Interactive Google Map: Places with LGBTQ Heritage

I have a couple of History Apps on my phone, and often download apps of different cities to help me do self-guided tours.  The National Park Service has created a new interactive guide to National  LGBTQ history in conjunction with Google Maps.

In this map, we share our American heritage by connecting our stories with the landscape. LGBTQ history can be traced across the country, from the prehistory of North America and the Hawaiian Islands, to some of the first-established European forts, to the prominent struggles of the civil rights movement, and into the present day. Tradespeople, artists, doctors, spiritual leaders and many more make up the story of LGBTQ America. Researchers and community members are collaborating to create this important visual representation of sites that have been identified as important to LGBTQ heritage. The act of mapping helps to embed our stories in the landscape; it commits them to the structural whole of American history. Through this ongoing project, a more complete story of our heritage is coming to the fore and modern communities are benefiting from their collaboration with one another. -

Go here and check it out for yourself.  I've been clicking on this thing all day and trying to remember places I will have to visit on my travels to some of my favorite cities.  There's also an Excel spreadsheet for a comprehensive list and description of sites for easier reading and possible planning of trips.

This map shows existing places identified by a researcher or community member as important to LGBTQ history. In-depth research has not been done on these, so some information may be incomplete or incorrect. Inclusion here does not indicate that any particular place is NR eligible.

Red: Properties on the NR, including National Historic Landmarks (NHLs), predominantly for their LGBTQ heritage.

Yellow: Properties on the NR, including NHLs, that mention LGBTQ heritage in the nominations, but are not listed primarily for this association.

Blue: Dark blue - properties with LGBTQ heritage that have yet to be nominated to the NR or as NHLs. Light blue - already listed, with unrecognized LGBTQ heritage. -

Once again, here is a link to the Google Map.  Thanks National Park Services and The U.S. Department of The Interior. We'll be clicking on this while traveling and learning along the way.