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NBC Cancels Sean Hayes Sitcom 'Sean Saves The World'

Just as we were preparing to (hopefully) welcome a new Ellen DeGeneres-produced gay comedy to NBC, it looks like we're saying goodbye to NBC's Sean Saves The World, the only comedy led by a gay character currently on network television. 

The series stars Will & Grace fan fave Sean Hayes.

Deadline reports:

It’s the end of the road for NBC comedy series Sean Saves The World, which today stopped production on its freshman order. The show had received a 5-episode back order for a total of 18. Fourteen episodes have been shot, 12 have aired. NBC had already scheduled an SNL Sports Spectacular special this week, preempting its Thursday lineup, and the network brass will look at the remaining two Sean segments after the Winter Olympics.

Perhaps we'll get to see the remaining episodes following the Winter Olympics? In any case, it's a sad loss. 

Will you miss Sean Saves The World, Instincters?


A durrr... It was horrible. I love Sean Hayes but I couldn't get past episode 2 (which I only watched to give it a fair chance). Sadsies for Sean. Try harder.

This wasn't a good show.  The premise was tired by half way through the first episode.  I get it "you're a gay man with a daughter you don't connect with, and your boss is an a-hole".  Thank you for repeatedly beating me over the head with it.  I love Sean Hayes, but this was not a good show.

Too many characters  that boss was Stupid At best But Sean Hayes is really Good And So is Megan Hilty  whos getting cancelled Again from NBC  poor talented girl cant catch a break I guess you have to ahve no talent to succed ! wish there was something they could do to save it !! But  just like that other gay show  its Sponsors are just far few in Between! RIP Sean Saves the world!

The show had great possibilities, but that new boss character was dog poop in the punch bowl.

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