NCAA Comes Out Against Indiana's Proposed Constitutional Ban On Marriage Equality

The Indianapolis-based NCAA has released an official statement of opposition to the state's proposed constitutional marriage equality ban.

"The NCAA national office leadership strongly supports an environment of inclusion where all of our employees are treated fairly and enjoy equal protection under the law," NCAA spokesman Bob Williams said. "We urge Indiana lawmakers to legislate in the same spirit."

Many of Indiana's NCAA-member universities have taken a public opposition to the proposed anti-gay legislation as well, including Indiana University, Butler, Ball State, Evansville, Wabash, Hanover and DePauw. 

Still, the organization's statement isn't exactly causing the homophobes behind the push to shake in their boots. 

"The future of marriage belongs in the hands of Hoosier voters," said American Family Association of Indiana Executive Director Micah Clark, "not judges, not politicians, not Hollywood and not the NCAA."