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Nebraska: Gay Former Husker Football Player Pushes For Non-Discrimination Bill

Eric Lueshen, the former Nebraska Cornhusker football player who was openly-gay while on the team, is throwing his celebrity weight behind LB-485. In an open letter penned to Nebraskans, Eric urges support for the pending Nebraska legislation that seeks to provide non-discrimination protections in employment for the state's LGBT community. 

Eric writes:

From 2003-2006, I was an openly gay Husker football player hailing from Pierce, Nebraska. Teammates, coaches, fellow athletes, my family, and people from all over supported and accepted me for who I was. What mattered to them was the person I was on the inside; someone with strong moral values and great character.

If my fellow teammates could accept and love me for being gay over a decade ago, why is it so hard to accept other LGBT people in the workplace here in Nebraska now?

LB 485, pending before the Nebraska Legislature, would update our nondiscrimination laws to include equal employment opportunities for LGBT Nebraskans. Current law already protects people from discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, marital status or national origin. No one should be fired for who they are and who they love. It is a simple matter of fairness and justice. It sends the positive message that Nebraska is a welcoming place to live and work.

Gay and Lesbians in Nebraska pay taxes, vote, serve in the military, and run successful businesses. We go to school, play football, and cheer for the Huskers. We should be treated equally under the law.

I believe that most Nebraskans want to treat each other fairly and do the right thing. But when good judgment breaks down, we need to have laws that protect people. No one should have to live in fear that they can be fired from their job for a reason that has nothing to do with their job performance.

I fully support LB485, and I'm sure my former Husker teammates and coaches do as well. Please join me in the fight for equal employment opportunities for LGBT Nebraskans. I urge you to ask your legislator to act for equality and vote for LB485.


Eric Lueshen 


Thanks for sharing this. I hope and pray that all Nebraskans contact their legislators ASAP asking them to stand for equality and vote for LB485 this Monday. No one, including LGBTs, should be discriminated against in the workplace. As Senator Danielle Conrad said, "We aren't asking for special treatment. We're asking for equal treatment under the law." 

Good for him equal rights are a must no matter what or who you are 

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