Nebraska Superintendent Fired For Acting In "The Producers"

The (now former) superintendent of of Parkview Christian Schools in Nebraska says he was fired because he appeared in a community theater production of "The Producers."

The Journal Star reports:

Harold Scott has been an educator for 22 years and superintendent at the school started by Calvary Community Church since 2011.

In an email response to questions Wednesday, he said he was told the reason for his termination is that Calvary's pastor, Dr. Carl Godwin, felt his participation would have a negative reflection on Calvary Community Church and Parkview Christian School.

Scott played Max, one of the main characters in Mel Brooks’ “The Producers,” at The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley. The play is about two men who scheme to get rich by overselling interests in a Broadway flop. It includes jokes about Nazis, homosexuals and show business, and includes gay characters.

“I never imagined that my passion for acting and participating in community theater would lead to me losing my job,” Harold said. “I truly believe that I did nothing wrong and my involvement in theater should in no way interfere with the career I love.”