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Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka's Met Gala Look Has To Be Seen To Be Believed!

The annual Met Gala is usually known for the show-stopping looks by the ladies, but we're thinking all attention was on Tony award nominee Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka on Monday night!

The pair showed up to the "White Tie And Decorations"-themed gala in celebration of American couturier Charles James wearing eye-popping crop-top tuxes with tails by Thom Browne!

Bold choice, gentlemen!!​ ​What do you think of their look, Instincters?


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Thom Brown  - brown rhymes with clown

nuff said

Loafers, not laceups, and they would be awesome.

They look great. Love the risk! Love the creativity

They look amazing. So much better than dumbass kanye and kim kardashian

As my mother would say, if someone told you that you had to wear that, you wouldn't like it!

How many ways can one man say "foolish"?  A sad demonstration of rampant self-esteem issues.  

true  - two words NPH BAD TASTE  -


to all the others not fashion risk fashion disaster - who put them up to this?

i've lost all respect

Everything is wrong. NPH podría lucir bien, pero todo esta mal dede la cintura hacia abajo: el saco se convierte en capa, los zapatos ortopédicos, el pantalón corto y lo peor, NO USAR CALCETINES.
DB esta mal en cada ángulo, mal gusto en cada ángulo.

Embarrassing.  Its original, I'll give 'em that much.  Bold bad not bold good.  Anyone that thinks this is good fashion only proves that good taste and an eye for good design is not given to everyone.  I would love to see an picture of these two standing next to Tom Ford or Ryan Renolds, guess who would come off looking like buffoons.  No matter what your sexual orientation, this is just...bad.


Is it necessary to be ridiculous in your new found sexual freedom. Anyone who will look back at these photos will have a freaking laugh. These are just what you DON'T want to be seen in public and was it necessary to wear the excessive make up as well?

I love them both.....but BAD choie of tuxedos for the red carpet....or any carpet for that matter.

these outfits are hideous. They make both these guys look awful.  The "argyle" one is truly something wishes to "un-see".

I like Neil Patrick Harris better and im not sure about both with the same silhouette. But definitely is a great design of tom brown. And about the face and hair of Neil i think he looks very good. Well done and its good to see a brave guys. 

Not my thing.  Sure is ballsy, though, so it gets my vote!

I'm liking the look its one thing to wear something different but to look awesome wearing it is perfection. 

Hello! Its couture it's not suppose to be worn on the street it's for shows like this. They looked perfect for it.

Couture... But notnot even in photos looks good.


Way to have fun and not care about conventional apparel!

Horrible , maybe if you're age 12 to 20 to pull off but otherwise terrible 

The look is awesome...however, the sleeves and pants are too short!

The actual crop tops aren't that bad, but everything else about the outfits are eyesores.  The tails look bad, the sleeves look like they're too short, the pants ARE too short, the jacket makes David look boxy, and Neil's hair has definitely looked better.

Where is the circus indeed!  Even when you factor in the venue/event, the theme for that evening's celebration and everything else you can think of, this is absolutely and utterly ridiculous.  There is quite a difference between being bold, unique & original and missing the mark altogether!  THIS is simply costume and very bad at that.  Not everything that comes from well-known designers is good design and this is a perfect example of it, should have stayed on paper only.

It is the Costume Institute Gala Benefit which does not mean it should be interpreted as having to actually wear a costume to attend!  These "get-ups" just look like something out of a bad prom outfit catalog from the Midwest & Central states.

Hands-down, the worst-dressed of the 2014 Met Costume Gala!

I do like NPH's dress sense but I find it hard to find any merit in this ensemble. Personally, if they wore proper white tie like Bradley Cooper did (Tom Ford knows what he's doing when it comes to classic dress codes), they would look very classy and elegant. As it is, it looks like they've just grabbed something out of a castrato's wardrobe. 

I like it because it's different.  I don't think it's ugly at all.  Certainly would not suit me, but I applaud them. :)

Amazing!  Pure class and Cha-Ching!!  $$$  If you've got, spend it! 

A Tim Burton movie !!! But amazing !!!

I think Neil's looking a little too thin--hope that's just for Hedwig. 

As far as the clothes go: it's about time someone tried something REALLY new in men's formal wear, but I'd still have liked the pants to be an inch longer. The flash of ankle isn't titillating, it just distracts from the uniqueness of the overall look. 

Brilliant Outfits

I don't think anyone should worry about NPH's weight loss, he's playing Hedwig on Broadway and it's hard work! Also, this is the Met Gala where this kind of look is what is expected! Let them be in love and have fun!!!

Dreadful!!! And Tacky!!!

That doesn't even look like NPH.  He looks sick.

He's been performing on Broadway as Hedwig a East German transsexual rock star who is very waif like in appearance. I imagine this is all because of the role and once it's over he will bounce back to  healthier weight that makes him look less ill.

Obviously many of you have never heard of the Met Gala. It's all about BOLD and Fun costumey outfit choices. They played on that theme perfectly and had the balls to do it (and pull it off).  And for those that think they are attention starved. You need to get out more. 
It may not be our choice for what we would wear, but we are not NPH, nor are we invited to the Met Gala......

as a retired fashionista - all I can say is thank god i'm retired if this is what passes for bold and fun

Mr Henry you must be very young as well as inexperienced with fashion

Amazing insight. 

This was an opportunity to show the world what a handsome gay couple they could be while still being "creative" That costume does not fill that bill. This is why people make fun of us

I totally agree with your comment.

Oh you haters can just fuck off.  Did you not read what gala they were attending, losers.  They were supposed to dress funky.  I love it.  Patrick's hubby is delicious.  I'm no queen and neither are they, for all you morons out there.      Fucking gays bashing gays...........fuck off.  

I know right a lot of haters. Its a different look and i like it :)

Their socks, if they are indeed wearing any, are off, colorwise.

Thom Browne, top!!!!

They look great! It seems the gala dress code is about theatricality, so they did the right thing! I like it!

Wheres the circus?

It's the costume institute gala.... It's supposed to be avant garde! Before critiquing their self expression, note the event and what it is about!

Chic. Innovative. Cutting edge cool. Oh yeah... and Fun! 

I think the bump in the front of David's pants is a thing of beauty, lol!!


Goofey and silly.... I simply love it :-)

Come on all you haters! When you are at the top of your game you pull out all the stops. I applaud anyone who is bold. For the bold lead and the rest...

shame on you Neil. You are a role model for the gay community. Don't become an attention-seeking queen

First off MIKE RYAN. Did you actually just call NPH attention starved? Is that a hint of jealousy I detect? Secondly, they look great! Very bold choice, but that's the whole reason for the Met Gala. Why is it that men are ridiculed, but women are revered for outrageous fashion choices?

#BEBRAVE pittsburghs Pride theme for 2014  BE BRAVE is all !!!

I hate it. It doesn't look funny or cute or good...just strange

NPH have a Cabaret audition afterwards?

It's the Met "Put on the Strangest Outfit You Can Find" Gala. They look silly and perfectly appropriate!

Queens :(

they'll one day look back in horror!

...but good on them for being brave!

The womedn are known for going over the top for the Met Gala. Why cant we men join in? Much more fun than a boring old tux, looking like everyone else!

Who knew highwaters were fashionable.They look like they just escaped from the circus clown car gag.

poor attention starved homosexuals        gag

They look great.  He is playing Hedwig on Broadway so this is actually a toned down look for him right now.  I love it.



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