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Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Full 'Hedwig & The Angry Inch' Look!

Check out our first look at Neil Patrick Harris fully decked out as Hedwig in Broadway's revival of Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Entertainment Weekly provides the exclusive:

Harris tells EW:

“I’ve lost 20 pounds,” he says, “I’m in the craziest couture outfits, and I’ve got all this makeup on. But they made me custom heels, so at least those fit well.”

Yep! Doesn't look like NPH will have any trouble filling Hedwig's shoes!

What do you think, Instincters?


Well, it's no wonder that trans women still deal with stereotypes with straight people. This is what they see when applying for a job - and it's from allies?

But really, the whole story is so bizarre. No one has that motivation to transition (I did it for my boyfriend!), no one would be approved for treatment if they did. No one would have such an outcome to surgery. It's about one gay guys insecurities regarding his trans feelings; not any actual trans women's lives.And should be clearly labeled as such. "The author thought about transitioning and it scared him." The end.

Cliche, I know, but . . . Oh GURLLL!  You GO!!!!

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