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Neil Patrick Harris Shares Naked Selfie From Hedwig Dressing Room

Neil Patrick Harris wraps up his Tony-awarded performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch in two weeks, so he's not letting his dwindling time on Broadway go to waste. Before he hangs up the wig for good, NPH is sharing pics from backstage, including a seemingly naked selfie complete with makeup and nail polish.

He tweeted along with the pic:

"Other dressing room. Post show. Post wig. Just did this."

Hopefully Andrew Rannells will continue the backstage selfie tradition when he takes over for NPH later this month!



Kevin i shave  my pubic area and who cares who shaves and doesn't shave!

He is so od and ugly. i saw a pic of him from way back in the 90's and he was even ugly when he was young.

It looks like he shaves his pubic area. I wonder if this was for the play or his personal preference.

I knew just lik anonymous that he would not be naked as Instinct's headlines are worse than the

national enquirer. Just bullshit and pure sensationalism.

Well he is obviously naked, they didn't say full frontal

he was perfection in that role


Andrew will wipe down the front of that sink ! LOL

i love Neil Patrick Harris but he is a hot mess in this pick lol

Hot mess as he is just out of makeup from his role as Hedwig.. I saw him right after the show and got to speak with him and hot mess is not how I would describe him.. 

Wow, I fell for your click-bait titles for the last time! Naked?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

You're an idiot if you can't tell he's naked. Stupid fuck

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