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Netflix's 'Little Evil' Gives Us The Horror-Comedy We've Been Waiting For!

Netflix's 'Little Evil' Gives Us The Horror-Comedy We've Been Waiting For!

Damian From 'The Omen' Stands No Chance!

Netflix keeps finding ways to get my money! Once again, they are releasing an exclusive movie I need to see!

Combining Horror and Comedy has led us to so many great films. Immediately, I think of Tucker & Dale VS. Evil or any of the modern Piranha series. To put the cherry on top of the impending fall season, we are now introduced to Little Evil.

Starring comedic hottie, Adam Scott, and former Lost babe, Evangeline Lilly, Little Evil finds Scott cautious of his new wife's son. Why? Well, she had him while she was living the wild life...in a cult. So, essentially, we've got another Damian on our hands. Yep, the son of the devil.

Writer and Director, Eli Craig, tells Buzzfeed:

"One of the horror genres that always captivated me was the devil child movies of the '70s and '80s. Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, Children of the Corn — I wanted to do a different take on that. That's one of the cool things about Netflix. [They let] you start to break down some of the genre barriers. The studios still want to have really clear genres, and Netflix is like, 'Cool, this is a mashup!'"

Since we've already binge watched Orange Is The New Black and all of our favorite cartoons are now dearly departed from our favorite streaming service, I believe it's time to catch up on some Horror before Halloween.

Check out the full trailer of Little Evil below!

Little Evil is out on September 1st. I know where I'll be!