Network Says No To LGBT Version Of 'Love Island'.

UK reality television show Love Island has given us a bromance (see above), and lots of nudity. But despite that, it looks like we won't be getting an LGBT series any time soon.

ITV studio head, Kevin Lygo, spoke about the popular dating reality show at Edinburgh’s TV Festival, on Thursday.

A Real World style dating show, Love Island has been breaking ratings records. 

And just as the show's popularity started to soar, rumors began to spread that a LGBT version of the show might be in the works. 

But yesterday, Lygo shut down those rumors, and crushed our dreams. 

According to UKTV’s Elliot Gonzalez, Lygo stated that the show wouldn't work with LGBT contestants.

Lygo explained:

“The format doesn’t allow it."

But as Attitude points out, the show has featured bisexual women, who "coupled up."

So bisexual women are ok, but not other LGBT people? 

Later at the festival, Lygo commented on the representation of of LGBT people on television.

He said: 

“There are quite enough gay people on television.”

Although LGBT media representation has increased in recent years, there's quite a bit of progress to be made.

ITV, for example, carries not a single LGBT program.

H/T: Attitude



Where are all these gay people at? One out of every four scripted shows feature a (typically very minor) gay male supporting character. While lesbians remain almost non-existent outside of Ryan Murphy's world. There are maybe three television serialized dramas, including US and UK, that actually have a gay leading character. Background and filler characters don't represent a ton of progress. 

But ultimately, this is a silly reality show for desperate narcissists and exhibitionists. And I as well don't think it suit its format.  


Personally I don't think it would work well either. The last thing the gay community needs is being attacked day after day in the tabloid press because of the activities of a bunch of wannabe famous gay guys behaving badly on ITV every night.

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