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New Book Works To Attack Transgender People On The Basis of Religion

A new book aims to ramp up the hate speech against transgender people while under the guise of love. 

Andrew T. Walker, in his new book, God and the Transgender Debate. He has re-purposed all the old religious arguments directed at gays and lesbians and has turned them towards the transgender community.

While this “debate” or “argument” isn’t new, it still exists. Walker tries to sugarcoat his condemnation with a “love the sinner, hate the sin,” mantra that will only lead to more harm being done.

He almost exclusively cites Paul McHugh, one of the very few psychologists who think still think that trans people are mentally ill. While the rest of the scientific community disagrees, and has studies to prove it, Walker still clings to McHugh’s distortment of previous studies.

Walker’s overall argument is dangerous in that he does believe gender dysphoria exists, but that one shouldn’t transition.  He wants people to try and talk one out of trying to transition. He also says that kids and teens ideas should be dismissed when they express an interest in transitioning. It is a dangerous message to preach, also with one that he tries to shroud in love.

It is sad to see all the hate being spewed at our Transgender brothers and sisters. The book is just going to give the conservative right more ammunition in their fight against suppressing the LGBT community. Now more than ever we need to stick together and work to stand up for our transgender brothers and sisters.

H/T: Think Progress