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New Fruit Of The Loom Commercial Introduces 'A Whole New Ball-Game'

Fruit Of The Loom's latest commercial is filled with the sort of double entendre and vaguely sexual innuendo that we appreciate--and the visuals don't hurt either! 

Check out the clever ad, in which FOTL introduces us to a whole new ballgame! 

We'll play!!!


(H/T: Wicked Gay Blog)


Beautiful, clean, slim, fit men. Well done FOTL. 

the ass and pack are truly awesome!

it nice that they use models that looked like they were air brushed to death. just real men thank you fruit of the loom

Like Victoria's Secret?

You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about with this airbrush  stuff.  I have seen  thousands of men that look like this in real life at the gym for the last 35 years.  Perhaps you should try going . (lol)

It's a shame FOTL is closing their factories here in America and moving production to rhe Honduras. They may haveb hot ads. But it doesn't make up for the hundreds of jobs they are taking away from the American people.

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