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New Info On James Franco's Upcoming Ex-Gay Activist Film

On April 1, we thought we might have been on the receiving end of an April Fool's joke, courtesy of James Franco, when it was revealed that he was taking on the role of real life ex-gay activist Michael Glatze in an upcoming Gus Van Sant film. Well, it looks like it was no joke!

Deadline has new details on the project and its source material:

Justin Kelly, a protege of Gus Van Sant, has set a summer start date for Michael, a film that Kelly will direct that will star James Franco. The pic is based on the Benoit Denizet-Lewis article “My Ex-Gay Friend,” published in The New York Times Magazine.

While there have been some gay empowerment-themed films cropping up (Van Sant and Franco did Milk together), this one takes the opposite track. Franco is playing the title character, a gay activist who, after enduring years of taunts and struggle, becomes an anti-gay Christian pastor.

It'll certainly be interesting to see what slant the filmmaking team takes on this controversial subject matter. Thoughts, Instincters?? 


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Ill just watch it on mute.

Ok, I know who Michael Glatz is. He was either never really gay to begin with or he's been brainwashed by religion. 

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