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New Jack'd Survey Reveals Surprising Results: Are Older Or Younger Gay Men More Open To Marriage?

In the age of (progressing) marriage equality, are younger gay men more open to marriage than their older counterparts? 
A new study in the UK by the Jack'd app seems to draw that conclusion!
From Jack'd:
Users in the UK were polled using an in-app survey, which revealed that younger gay men tend to be more optimistic about getting married at some point in their life, compared to older gay men. Of those polled, 62 percent of gay men aged 18 to 25 stated they would be open to getting married to another man, whilst only 45 percent of those 26 years and above saw marriage in their future.
Also, it looks like men are pretty open to marrying to someone they meet on a mobile app! 68 percent of all respondents cited said that they would consider marrying a guy they met on Jack’d.
Perhaps we'll see people asking ring size instead of cock measurements?
As for wedding details, location is key! According to Jack'd:
Further findings of the survey highlighted that younger gay men in the UK were not interested in getting married in a church, which came in fourth at 12 percent of votes in a list of possible venues for wedding ceremonies. The most popular location was the beach (25 percent), followed by in a garden (17 percent) and for the practical, at city hall (16 percent). 
Survey respondents also felt they ideally wanted to get married in their 30’s with over 60 percent of respondents voting this as the ideal age for marriage. Only 3 percent of users felt they would like to be married before 20.
The survey showed that gay men want to focus their wedding funds on the celebration itself with 67 percent saying they would rather splurge on the ceremony and reception over rings (20 percent) or designer outfits (13 percent).
What do you think of the findings, Instincters?
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