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New Japanese High School Trend: 'Same-Sex Kiss Friends'

High school isn't what it used to be! At least in Japan. 

Apparently the new trend making its way amongst the Japanese high school set is "same-sex kiss friends," and its popular amongst the girls AND the boys. 

Self-described Japan and Asia news blog, RocketNews 24 writes:

The blurb pictured delves into more explicit detail on this teen girl-on-girl and high-school boy-on-boy phenomenon.

“When we meet in the hallway we smooch!”

Miss M. H. (in her second year of high school) admits, “I have several kiss friends. The pace depends on the person (laughs). It’s a common way to say hi.”

“My icon is a kiss!”

Mr K. S. (first year) explains that “At school we’re forbidden to get too friendly with girls, so we do it with each other instead. Guys feel nice and soft enough, it’s like ‘oooh, yeah’.”


How open minded! Do you think this trend will make its way to high schools on our side of the pond? (It certainly would have made our school days a lot more interesting...)


Image Source (H/T: Queerty)