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New Mexico Marriage Equality Plaintiff Dies Of Brain Cancer

One of the plaintiffs in New Mexico's current same-sex marriage case, 44-year-old Jennifer Neuman-Roper, died on Friday after a battle with brain cancer.  

The Alberquerque Journal writes:

Jen and Angelique Neuman-Roper of Nambe were married in August during an impromptu ceremony in the lobby of the Christus St. Vincent Cancer Center in Santa Fe, the same day a judge granted their request and ordered the Santa Fe County clerk to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. They made their urgent request because Jen Neuman-Roper had Stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

They married again in October, this time in a more formal ceremony in Pojoaque attended by many family and friends.

Upon her passing, Jen Neuman-Roper was the first person to be issued a New Mexico certificate of death that acknowledged a surviving same-sex spouse, according to a news release issued today by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico.

Jennifer's battle with cancer spurred her and her wife Angelique to press the court for permission for them to marry. Her passing further drives home how important it is that same-sex relationships be equally, recognized. 

Jennifer is survived by her mother, wife Angelique, and three sons, Jayms, David, and Damion.



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Glad to hear that they were able to be married before the passing of one of them.  Being in a similar situation and where I live in the US, I was not able to marry my partner of 20 some odd years, with him recently passing away, none of the decisions made were ones that we discussed, simply because under the family(s) view, I don't have any legal rights.  We never got Power of Attorney for each other simply because we never thought that one of us would out survive the other.  The statement that was made when we were in the planning stages of his Funeral plans were, " You Don't have any of what you say in writing, therefore in court you would have no rights!"  , this coming from his family members that knew both of us and the fact that we were in a committed relationship.   Lesson learned, No Matter what your Ideas and wishes are, if you don't have it documented now, it can and certainly will come back and bite you in the end..

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