New Orleans Cop Spanks Street Performer's Butt At Gay Easter Parade

A New Orleans police officer was certainly in the spirit during the 18th annual Gay Easter Parade through the city's French Quarter!

Here he is playfully smacking the butt of Qween B. Amor, as captured by photographer Chris Granger!


As reported by Times-Picayune:

On Sunday afternoon, a pair of NOPD motorcycle officers had paused on Royal Street behind St. Louis Cathedral to await the lagging procession.  

Amor said she was suddenly tempted to use one of the motorcycles as a foundation to do some energetic shaking of the posterior, aka twerking. | The Times-Picayune photographer Chris Granger said he had stepped off the sidewalk hoping for a shot as the extravagant performer backed toward the officers.

Amor admits that by this time she'd spied the camera and hoped to become a part of the parade's photographic posterity.

Granger said that, based on experience, he expected the officers to react with nonchalance, even boredom. He did not anticipate that one of the patrolmen would use a gloved hand to deliver a good-natured swat to Amor's jiggling buttocks. Granger's rapid-fire camera caught the moment in the blazing blue lights of the motorcycles.

"It was sort of a loud slap," Granger said. The parade audience, he said, loved it.

We love it too!!


(H/T: Towleroad)