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New Tumblr: Boyfriend Twin 'Because What's Sexier Than Dating Yourself?'

We may have found our new favorite Tumblr--if only for the potential rabbit hole mind-f*ck that it offers!

Check out Boyfriend Twin (Tagline: "Because what's sexier than dating yourself?")!!

There's long been a running joke about how gay men often date themselves. Opinions vary on whether someone dating their doppelgänger is hot, narcissistic, mildly disconcerting or all of the above! 

We'll let you decide. 

Here are some of our favorite Boyfriend Twin findings!

We're hoping you "boyfriend twins" out there will send them more images so that they can fill their coffers:!!

What do you think of the Boyfriend Twin phenomenon, Instincters?


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Hmmmm......instinctually I do find it disturbing, narcissistic and vaguely selfish. HOWEVER, if I wanted a clone to date or partner with, I''d just clone myself. My partner and I who have been together for nearly 4 years, are VERY different. We're different sizes physically, and have different looks. I appreciate his individuality, and he appreciates mine. I have never wanted to become so blended with someone that I lose my own individuality, and my partner feels the same way. I think it keeps life more interesting to NOT be so alike. I think it is purely about what works for people individually. If my partner and I agreed on everything all the time, and we were exact reflections of each other, I think we'd get bored. However, everyone should be proud of their relationship, whether or not you are twinned. For me personally, not so much. I like my independence and being different from my partner is part of that. 

Just love each other, that's all that really counts.  

I don't think it's specifically a "gay" thing. I often notice husband and wife look like brother and sister. Or how people say their dogs look like their owners. When 2 people are together for so long they naturally pick up similar traits. They eat the same things, groom themselves the same way. Have the same taste in clothes. They even have the same opinions about things. In essence, the two become one.

Gross. Demented. Pathetic. Disturbing. Not interesting/erotic/healthy at ALL. 

As an identical twin, the thought of us together sexually is repulsing but ironically my partner of 8 years and I are often mistaken for brothers and told we look alike. I like it (I think because-I think he's really HOT).

Personally I find it hard to understand because the reality of finding someone like yourself sounds like an instant competition. I suppose it comes down to how much in love you are with yourself. Opposites attract for me every time. I know what I look like and dont require my other half to replicate that for my own validation.

I think its oddly adorable and beautiful. I mean, love is love. As a gay man, I think the ONE thing my life has taught me is to keep my mind and my heart open to ALL things, even if I don't agree or understand them. Who are we to judge?

is hot I wander about a trea​some ? Hey just wandering lol

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There is NOTHING sexy about the stereotypical gay narcissism that has gays "F**king The Mirror".

2 guys being together for a long time who start looking alike OVER TIME is a beautiful & romantic thing. But a guy seeking out his look-alike is DEMENTED. And praising them for it, even more so. The problem with this site and praising it is that I'm sure most are the latter.

Think about it? It's your identical brother, it's your self, you two are literally the same person!!! So I don't think it's bad :0(

I dont think you understand that they actually arent brothers.  They are a couple that looks so much a like that they can pass as twins.  

,,,,Love is in the air--love it...I love my Brother-2


They always say Love Thy Self... But this is a little tooooo much.

Now if were talking a twin sandwich... well that's definitely something I could wrap myself in.

it's not cool, it's creepy.

Creepy? Nah. Would be creepy and wrong IF they were brothers...

Nah.  That would make it hotter.


very cool love to check out ur tumblr. my is   thnks guys

Since I started this blog yesterday morning, I've received a ton of emails from proud, handsome twin-like boyfriends who are happy to share their love with the rest of Tumblr. So send in those twinny pics if you want:

I think when you live and share things with somone you tend to blend just becomes habit. Like me and my partner we both keep our heads buzzed. I am clean shaved and he has a trimmed beard and moustach. We both wear the same size clothing and share clothing.

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