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New Tumblr Obsession: Hot NYC Subway Guys

Voyeurism is in full effect at the NewYorkSubwayGuys Tumblr. Sadly, the Tumblr is in its final days, but at least it lasted long enough to go viral on the social web. We've curated a dozen-or-so of our favorite posts from the blog, which looks to be moving to a different URL in the coming week. 

Anyway, for all the friends who call us out every time we pose and perk our booty at even the briefest moment the back of a stranger's mobile is pointed our way, this is why!




Hey Love how it's going--GuyS FOLLOW ME on twitter @VALANOTONIO  and  tumblr is emarsolf.tumblr.com -Feel free to post my pics!:)

Pictures 6 and 9 show that men can have side boob shots, too

The joke's on you guys, if you think Instinct is a journalism mag. It's just an Onion-esque entertainment mag. Go somewhere else to crab! ;-)

That guy in that gif at the end?

Total show off.

He could still get it though. :P

I really like Tumblr cause you can just scroll down forever and ever and it just keeps loading more hot photos. the guys in my tumblr 99% of the time don't have clothes on

Geeze Jonathan, you literally copied the same article from TheGailyGrind.com and didn't give them any credit: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2014/01/09/voyeurs-rejoice-check-nycs-hottest-subway-hunks-tumblr/

Gay online journalism hits a new low.

More like lazy journalism. I actually noticed he did the same thing this week with another aticle of thiers. Up your journalism standards Instinct!

Uh, Tommy and Frank you're mis-reading the article -- it talks about THIS tumblr being in its final days, not tumblr in general.

Thanks for the post...glad you like! I stopped posting a few weeks ago, but it's mentions like this that make me want to get back to posting! It's so much fun sharing the photos I can snap and getting the ones submitted by uses from all over!  Maybe you'll see be back online one day!  I have a few submissions that I've received over the last few weeks that I haven't posted...I might get them online soon! 

"Tumblr is in its final days" mmhm sure it is tell that to the 165.5 million blogs

You truly are an idiot and prove that you cannot comprehend what you are reading.

I may be an idiot for not comprehending that Patrick. But at least I'm not an ass that feels the need to point out the simple mistakes of others. 

Tumbler is on it's way out? Damn I love Tumbler. And I love this. There was a Trader Vic's on the Vegas strip that. Loved because it was on floor above the street. We would hang out there and people watch. All the times I rode the subway and I never saw hot men like this though.

So creepy.

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