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New Videos Expose American Pastor Scott Lively's Part In Uganda's War On Gays

American pastor and former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively gets around. This is not new information. We've known for some time that the homophobic activist travels from Moscow to small nations in Africa hoping to brainwash locals and laws to conform to an anti-gay lifestyle. Though Lively's attempted to distance himself from his unmistakable influence in Uganda in recent months, his ties to the country's newly-minted law imposing life sentences for being gay ring clearer than ever thanks to new videos unearthed by Mother Jones

Mother Jones has also obtained exclusive video footage of Lively and others laying the groundwork for Uganda's internationally-condemned anti-gay law. In one video, Lively addresses Uganda's parliament warning of western agitators seeking to spread "the disease" of homosexuality to Ugandan children: "When they see a child that's from a broken home it's like they have a flashing neon sign over their head," he claims. In another video, Lively likens homosexuality to a disease, suggesting that Ugandan children would engage in orgies on school buses if Ugandan officials didn't "actively discourage" same-sex relations. In another video, he draws a continuum of the various types of gay men, as he explains, from transsexuals and transvestites to "super machos" and "monsters" whom he equates with Nazis. 

Check out the disgusting videos of Lively's discredited speeches that have enshrined one of the globe's most disgusting human rights violations into law below. Head here for Mother Jones' full investigation into the "Christian" pastor.

Warning: Videos contain graphic and insane animus toward a minority group.











I think he should have a long talk with the former leaders of Exodus International and get his story straight... manipulative power seekers who know how to bend the truth are some of the most destructive enemies to free society.  Seeing all those CDs laying there broke my heart...poison, pure poison.

Now that Scott Lively has succeeded in getting countries like Uganda to pass laws to discriminate against gays, perhaps he should move to one of these countries.   Surely they are now aligned with his moral compass.   He should be deported there!

That would be nice...

This guy is too much of a closet case not to be gay. He is a self-loathing homosexual, and because of his "Christian" beliefs (read Non-Christian), he represses his homosexuality. He is so pissed off that there are gay men out there who are being their true selves, he takes his anger out on the gay community. I don't feel one bit sorry for him. I hope he enjoys a hot climate because it is likely that he might just end up in Hell.

He has no courage to admit his own homosexual desires.

Scott Lively should be convicted of crimes against humanity!

And he says he is doing all of this because he is a good Christian.

Nope, I think "Antichrist" suits him better.

He just needs a good dick in his ass.

Oh That's helpful.

This man is about as retarded as they come!

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