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NFL Reacts To First Likely Openly Gay Football Star, Michael Sam

The NFL has finally evolved to a modern sports league thanks to prospect Michael Sam's decision to come out publicly. Though many neanderthals have attempted to revert humanity to the Pleistocene with disparaging comments, it's been humbling to see reactions from many in the NFL exalt the moment in history and the newsmaker himself. 

As far as an official reaction from the NFL goes, Greg Aiello, the league's communications guy, gives us this gem:

(Source: Twitter; h/t: Deadspin)


I am so impressed. This takes tremendous guts. He is stronger than many who have gone before him. I wish him all the best in his career. There will be ups and downs because there are @$$h0le$ every where...but I hope he stays strong no matter what! 

I am a huge NFL fan and am now a big fan of his. I seriously doubt he is the first gay player in the league...he just happens to be the first to be open and out. Congrats to him and to whatever team drafts him.

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