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NFL Star Steve Young & Wife To Deliver Keynote Speech At Pro-LGBT Mormon Conference

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young and his wife, Barbara are throwing their strong support behind the LGBT community.

The Mormon couple will be the keynote speakers in Salt Lake City at the 32nd annual conference of Affirmation, which the Salt Lake Tribune describes as "the oldest and largest organization of gay Mormons."

The Young's previously donated funds to the "No on 8" campaign in California; Barbara Young has attributed her support of the gay community, in part, to having a gay brother.

SLT writes:

Steve and Barb Young, both active members of the Utah-based LDS Church, said in a statement they are happy to be part of 2013 Affirmation Conference, "where they hope to lend their voices to the healing work of making our families, our society and our church more welcoming places for our LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] brothers and sisters."

The couple have supported LGBT programs, including the Trevor Project, which provides suicide-prevention services for LGBT youths, and the Family Acceptance Project, which helps families support their LGBT children.

Affirmation was founded in 1977 in Salt Lake City to assist LGBT Mormons.


We think this show of support from a very prominent Mormon couple could be very beneficial to the LGBT cause, especially within the Mormon community. 

Way to be allies, Youngs!!


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Sad to know tolerants flies in the face of The Lords words!

Get help!  Your perceived humanity pales in a world bent on acceptance of wrong doers.

You've lost my respect Mr. Young and your family!

These guys are always welcome in Bob's and my home.

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