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Nick Jonas Is All Grown Up, Releases First Solo Single 'Chains'

The youngest Jonas Brother is all grown up--though we think you already knew that! (That selfie though...)

Nick Jonas has just released his first solo single, "Chains" and its definitely a departure from his previous JoBro tracks. Give it a listen!

What do you think? Should Nick go it alone or team back up with his big brothers??


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I like it!!  It's actually pretty good!


I think he should also do gay porn. I actually don't mind the song, I'm surprised.

That boy can sing. Autotune my ass.

Wow! All u haters are lame. If u don't like him oh well. We the people that do like him. Will support him. Who cares what u haters have to say. And Nick is hot. I've always thought that and always will so again for get u haters.. And this song is amazing.

All these negative comments piss off At least he's successful than most of y'all 

Nick has always been great at being solo. His who I am album was amazing! I believe Nick is the most successful out the brothers... He has an album coming out, a tv show, and a movie! Oh and forgot to mention he was on Broadway for a while. He has a lot of experience when it comes to those things. I think this song is one his best songs. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!

And I thought his performance in Les Mis was bad; his autotuned song sucks.  

He still looks like a child.  He really isn't all that.  Lets face it.

First, gotta say when guys are this hot and there's nothing you can do to relieve your want for them... and then they're straight... so there's no hope!  Second, I enjoyed the song and can't wait to see his continued growth as an artist, I mean he's got a sexy voice! proud of him ; ^ )

Wow he's pretty good. I can remember him while back with his bro's but he's making the right move on moving forward. I'm 36 and he's great. Pssssh on these haters.

He amazing.! Can't believe how many haters are out there. I'm 19 and I still like me some Sexi Nick Jonas any day.! Wow and whoever don't like him get over yourself and the people who do like him, Well yall I mean we are amazing.! Just saying Nick Jonas Baby ♡♡

WTF?  What a bunch of negative queens on here.  Its  a nice sultry song.  GAWWWDDD! Get over yourselves already. (lol)

Me encanta ésta canción :)

It's not horrible, for his first solo effort. I'm sure he's still trying to find his voice. I'd give it a chance, and lyrically I like what he is trying to say. 

It's OK I have heard better he has a chance

Sorry...this song is crappy elevator music quality, but he is definitely ready for a leading role in gay porn.

Just kidding! He'd just go back to Broadway where he was before he was famous. Talk about talented. Broadway, record deals, TV shows, a lot more talent than you can ever amount to

Anonymous is exactly right! AUTOTUNE!  It's horrible, The right marketing, like being on a gay blob, will make him millions. So he's got a hot body, so what? How about having talent? There are plenty of artists that sing without any electronic "enhancement".

I'm sure there is some auto tune but I've heard him live and he actually sounds exactly like this. That's his real voice..

awesome i think he can make it on his own but i believe in family so i think he should do both

I'd let him chain me.

It's amazing what kids can do with autotunes these days!

Jealous much?  Pretty sad and pathetic of you to make negative comments and you can't even use your name

This is not his first solo venture. Nick Jonas and the Administration is his first album. Good for him continuing to make a name for himself away from jobros

He is going to be a breakout just like Justin T.

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