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Nick Jonas Debuts 'Chains' Music Video

Nick Jonas has released the music video for his solo effort "Chains" and we think he's getting off to a great start! 

Does the Jonas Brother have solo appeal? Check him out for yourself! 


What do you think, Instincters?


It's  nice pop song an he has a  very good voice.

I personally think his brother Joe Jonas has a better voice and I loved his solo album.I think Nick relies on his muscles too much. (Joe has a hot body as well) It's almost as if Nick is turning into a man on the outside but still has that little boy voice.

Fyi Nick is the one with all the talent musically and lyrically he wrote most of the joe bro songs himself. You have every right to crush which ever brother you want but lets be real. Joe has a 1/4 of his brother nicks musical ability.

Relax Felisha. You don't need to be FYI'n me...I'm well aware of who wrote the songs. If you read my comment correctly I did not say anything about the writing of songs. I am not crushing on any of them I think you read WAY more into my comment. I simply said "voice"

Joe was only out front because he was the right age at the right time.  Now Nick is claiming his rightful place.  He has always been the talented Jonas Brother.

Who cares how the song sounds, I'll just look at him.


LOL was thinking the same. HE looks good! Yum yum...but the song? Probably not the best choice

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