Nico Tortorella Bares His Bottom On Instagram

Bisexual actor Nico Tortorella recently shared a steamy snap of his backside on Instagram.



In the caption he writes:

"i can kiss you and apparently make things better.

i can kick you and make things better still.
i can be a bad you and look cooler.
i can even eat you whole,
fuck you silly, 
without shame. 
but if im a hard you, or a smart you, im an asshole. 
the difference between an ass and a stallion is only in the way you hold yourself. #niconiconico #allofitisyou @oliviersimille #getyourfuckingassout"

While the black and white photo is artfully shot, there's more to Nico's message than mere titillation.

The hashtag "#getyourfuckingassout" is a call to action!

On his Instagram story, Nico implores his fans and followers to take a stand against bigotry, injustice, and hate.

Additionally, Nico is encouraging others to share photos with the viral hashtag #getyourfuckingassout.

"in these trying times of depressive news and just trying to keep our heads above the bullshit. this is fun. this is unity. this is resistance."

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