Nico Tortorella On Embracing His Bisexuality & Getting Naked: "I Promise"

Younger star and The Love Bomb podcast host Nico Tortorella spoke to PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi about embracing his bisexual label and when we're finally going to see him naked!

From PrideSource:

Your sexual identity has really evolved over the last year; in 2016, you revealed you were label-less and "emotionally fluid." Then, you said you identify as bisexual.

I really like the term bisexual, and I fall somewhere under the umbrella that is bisexuality. I use the word bisexual because people have fought for so long for this word and the fact that it even exists in part of the LGBTI-etcetera is just a beautiful thing, and I'm not gonna be the person to take, like, fluidity or emotional fluidity or pansexual. I'm comfortable somewhere under the bisexual label, and I'm proud of it.

After you revealed that you're open to dating men, did you hear from more gay male admirers?

I think it was actually more when I came into touch with my own sexuality - not in terms of who I prefer, but just me as a sexual being. I just became more aware of different energies.

Tortorella, who we'll next see on Lifetime's Menendez: Blood Brothers (June 11), also promised us we're finally going to see him strip down!

Speaking on current efforts to develop The Love Bomb podcast as a television series, Tortorella is asked:

What about it excites you?

It's just an extension of the podcast, I think. Everything I learned on the podcast I wanna take to the next level. The way I see it in my head is, it's some sort of segmented show where I'm talking to different people all over the world and learning and really diving into different cultures and people and sexuality. It's a sexploration of love.

I hope that it's been picked up by a cable network so you can push buttons and boundaries.

I'm gonna get naked at some point, I promise. (Laughs)

You really are challenging people's feelings on sex and nakedness, aren't you?

And love too! People are so fucking uptight about love. Love is supposed to be one specific way. You're supposed to get married and have kids and that's it - oh, and you're probably supposed to marry the opposite sex. That just isn't the case for so many fucking people.

We're going to hold you to that promise, Nico!