Nico Tortorella Sets The Record Straight On His Polyamory

To quote Jasmine Masters, "I am Nico Tortorella, and I have something to say", in regards to people and their polyamory-bashing rhetoric against him.  Now he's defending himself.

Per a report from People, the Younger star is opening up about his long-term open relationship on Bravos' show Personal Space, a six-episode digital talk show about romance, relatives and relationships.

Nico has opened up in the past about being sexually fluid as he identifies himself as pansexual whereas his girlfriend of eleven years Bethany Myers identifies as gay.  The bottom line for him: everybody needs to stop making such a big deal out of this.  

“I’m not in an open relationship so I can go out and just fuck whoever I want,” he says. “For me, it’s more about the ability to emotionally connect with people outside of my primary partner.”

He spoke with the CEO of Matchmakers Steve Ward about his views, who seemed daft and unaware that this is happening all around us.

“Wow! That’s like the one thing every girl fears I think,” he says. “There’s a whole part of this country in between L.A. and New York where the bulk of these people fear their partner developing an emotional attachment to someone else.”

“The fact of the matter is,” Tortorella retorts, “we’ve only been shown one story since basically the beginning of time and that’s man, woman and family — and that’s it.”

“Are you a polyamorist?” Ward asks, repeating himself. .

“That is the word for it, yes,” Tortorella replies.

Ward doesn't seem to open to this whole "open relationship" sort of thing, saying it's not “good practice to invite other people” into a relationship when “you’re talking about having a home and creating a life.”

Nico's response?  “I’m always climbing the wall with one other person, but that person is just changing.”

Do you agree more with Nico or Steve here?