Nico Tortorella Shows Skin In Insanely Hot Instagram Snap

Nico Tortorella, who is set to appear in the upcoming Lifetime television film about the Menendez brothers, recently shared this insanely hot snap on Instagram:



fuck gender. all of em. love em all too. ♂♀and the galaxies between. @lukefontana

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Shot by photographer Luke Fontana, Nico captioned the photo:

"fuck gender. all of em. love em all too. and the galaxies between."

Earlier this year, the Younger star opened up about embracing his bisexuality.

He told PrideSource:

I really like the term bisexual, and I fall somewhere under the umbrella that is bisexuality. I use the word bisexual because people have fought for so long for this word and the fact that it even exists in part of the LGBTI-etcetera is just a beautiful thing, and I'm not gonna be the person to take, like, fluidity or emotional fluidity or pansexual. I'm comfortable somewhere under the bisexual label, and I'm proud of it.

Menendez: Blood Brothers premiers July 15 at 8pm on Lifetime.