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Nigerian Gay Couple Forced To Have Public Sex By Mob

Apparently this is Nigeria in the wake of the country's criminalizing of homosexuality.

Gay Star News reports:

A mob forced an alleged gay couple out of their home and made them have sex while being filmed on camera phones in Nigeria.

The vigilantes are heard jeering on the explicit video as they make the two men masturbate each other and then have anal sex outside.

A large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch the men’s humiliation.

The video is reported by Nigerian sources on the ground to have come from Port Harcourt, a city with a population of almost 2 million including its suburban area, in the south of the country.

It is believed it was filmed last Tuesday (28 January).

No charges have been filed against anyone involved.

So at this point mobs can show up to your home and force you to have sex for their amusement. The footage was apparently shared on social media, so we guess it's for the amusement of others as well. 


As attention becomes even more intensely focused on Russia in the coming weeks, let's not forget the brutality and humiliation our LGBT brothers and sisters are facing in other parts of the world. 



That is fkg disgusting,, there is no need for that, that's home invasion , invasion of privacy, then again the country's govt is no better nor the police force for allowing this and not press charges,,,,soooo morally wrong in lots of areas,  

Instinct, while I appreciate you shining a light on this atrocity, I would like to think that your promotion of it on your site's top banner with a red tag proclaiming HOT! was just a computer-generated oversight.  Hope you'll leave up the story, but take down the tag.  The public humiliation of two gay mean can hardly be considered "hot" in any context. 

Hot as is "hot-right-now!" news story, duh.


God will do justice. I believe in God

The question remains why? Why? Who puts these ideas in their heads that being gay it anything else that just about love. We have to focus on where it starts. The only solution is education !!
In Russia it all starts with the church and the government pushing their own ideas forward. Gaining power over people is way easier, if "your people" focus on other problems, then the ones that should actually be dealt with... EDUCATION IS KEY !!! 

Sounds like another sick act, the thing is it happens in any country , people are sick, 

Surely any religious group, opposed to homosexuality, would turn away from the "sin" and refuse to look on it. The fact that these two men were forced to have sex in public, to me, suggests a repressed homosexuality in all the men in the crowd who chose to watch ??!!

If you want to help please remember that the money that helps spawn the religious groups behind the hatred around the globe come from industrialized nations like your own. Follow the money trail and you will be able to stop the funding of the massacres of innocent people. Yes you can.

Omg! I hardly think the hot, hot, hot ads and the guy giving thumbs up are appropriate ads for this article!!!!!!

I guess the question is what definition of hot is being used, is it saying that this story is a hot off the press story being read by many viewers which is probably the case, or is it being used as you are interpreting it to suggest hot as in meaning sexy which is not the case.

yeah I think they placed the ad in the wrong spot

There is no limit on the horror one human can impose on another...  I am extremely disheartened by all of this and quite disturbed by the videos and the senseless of it all...

only being forced to have sex these men got lucky.
this is what normally happens:

Humanity inhumane 

I am literally in tears reading this.  The situation is beyond horrific in Nigeria.  A few weeks ago I clicked on a link, that a friend had posted on Facebook, that went directly to a video of 2 Nigerian gay men being beaten to death with rocks, huge lumps of wood & car wheels, while surrounded by 100s of people, including police, in broad daylight.  The video was less than a minute long.  I saw these 2 beautiful men literally die in front of me.  I wish I had not seen it.  I wish I hadn't clicked the link, or had stopped the video, or looked away, but out of disbelief I didn't.  I will never be the same.  I was not built to handle this kind of atrocity.  I want to do something & I am lost.  I don't know how to help.  What can we do?

I wrote to the UN, the Whitehouse, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, anyone I could think of that might have some influence.  I received letters back from the UN & from the Whitehouse, both saying.. Yes.. It's a shitty world & we're trying to help.

There must be more that can be done.

Please write to the UN, to The White House, your local government, anyone you think might have some influence in bringing these atrocities to an end.

These people are us.  We have to help them.  Please try.

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