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'The Night Shift' Star Brendan Fehr On Overcoming The Discomfort Of Playing Gay

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The Night Shift star Brendan Fehr is opening up on playing gay on the NBC summer series. The actor delved into the challenge of playing the role and overcoming his discomfort with some of the man-on-man action between him and his co-star, the swoon-worthy Luke MacFarlane.

From toofab

Fehr recently talked with toofab's Brian Particelli about filming his first man-on-man kiss and revealed what attracted him to the role of Drew.

"It was the challenge of portraying Drew," he says. "I think it was the risks involved as well. To play a homosexual on network television, what are the risks? There's a whole bunch of them. What are the rewards? Not as many. I just felt like I had something to offer."

"I've never defined myself as being straight, what defines me is who I am, what I believe, the choices I make and how I treat people," Brendan adds.. "There are a lot of times where gay and lesbians in TV and movies are defined by their sexuality. [Drew] is a guy who wants to be a doctor, not a 'gay doctor.'"

Fehr, who was raised as a strict Mennonite, is hardly the first straight actor to play gay -- but might be one of the more candid stars when it comes to discussing his initial discomfort with the role. 

"It was uncomfortable for me," he says "In Episode 106, my boyfriend comes and I don't like kissing guys, it doesn't do anything for me. It's really uncomfortable, but you gotta get past that, his story is bigger than that. The emotion behind that is so much bigger that that. I was scared, petrified in a lot of ways, but I wanted to push myself and see if I could do it."

Brendan says he now feels "honored" to have had the opportunity to play Drew, and hopes he does the character justice. 

Fehr's love interest, Luke MacFarlane has nothing but good things to say about Fehr and his work on The Night Shift telling The Backlot:

"He’s very serious about his work and really enjoys talking about the scenes. I was tremendously impressed with him,” says MacFarlane. “Everyone was just really, really working hard, and Brendan especially. He’s great–and very handsome.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Brendan and Luke in action on The Night Shift?

Head over to toofab to watch Brendan's interview as he delves further into his decision to take on the role! 

The Night Shift airs 10 p.m. on Tuesdays on NBC.


Yes, it's weird that they don't mention that Brendan not only appeared in a gay film about 10 years ago, but also had some intense gay scenes. This is definitely not the first time he has kissed a guy onscreen. 

I, for one, appreciate this man's honestly.  Yes, it would be uncomfortable for a straight man to kiss another man.  They are not wired to be intimate with members of their own gender.  However, as Mr. Fehr very eloquently states, as actors, they overcome it.  I am sure that many gay actors have been uncomfortable kissing women, but they, like Mr. Fehr, overcome that discomfort and perform the role they were paid to play.  Good job!

 Agreed. He has played gay before. 

I have been watching and like the gay charactor he is hot didn't know that actor playing him was straight glad he is getting used to playing gay, cause his lover is hot too and I expect to see some man on man action.

It's weird this article doesn't mention he was also in a gay movie called 'Sugar'

Both Brendan and Luke are totally convincing in last night's final scene on Night Shift.  

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