NJ Democrats Call For Vote To Override Gov. Christie's Marriage Equality Veto

The marriage equality fight is heating up in New Jersey where top Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a "conscience vote" on Gov. Chris Christie's veto of same-sex marriage. 

The NJ Star-Ledger reports:

Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he will hold a vote to override Christie’s veto of a same-sex marriage bill that passed last year, noting that thousands of gay couples in New Jersey will be ineligible for federal benefits unless lawmakers act soon.

But first, Sweeney said, at least a few Republicans have to change their no votes to yes. The Senate president said Christie has intimidated GOP lawmakers, claiming some have privately admitted they would like to change their votes to allow same-sex marriage.

It's not an easy mission for NJ dems. 

To quash Christie’s veto, Democrats have to muster three more votes in the Senate and 12 more in the Assembly to reach the required two-thirds majority.