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NJ Gov. Chris Christie Appeals Same-Sex Marriage Ruling To NJ Supreme Court

As expected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has officially asked the state's Supreme Court to overrule a decision by a New Jersey judge legalizing same-sex marriage in the state

The Associated Press reports:

The administration of the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie asked the top state court Monday to take an appeal of a ruling ordering the state to allow gay marriage.

Citing “far-reaching implications,” Acting Attorney General John Hoffman made the request in a letter to the state Supreme Court, which usually does not weigh in on cases until after an appeals court has made a ruling on them.

Hoffman said he is also asking the judge who issued the decision Friday to grant a stay, delaying the implementation date from Oct. 21 until the matter can be settled.


New Jersey Democrats have asked the Supreme Court to decide swiftly so that New Jersey same-sex couples will know whether they'll be able to marry on the planned Oct. 21 date where, as of now, same-sex marriages are scheduled to begin in the state. 

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney says, “By Oct. 21st, people should know, yes or no."

Feeling optimistic, Instincters?


Krispy Kreme needs to stop spending my money on his opinion and ridiculous values. If two people are in love, no matter same sex or heterosexual, it should be up to them and only them to marry and spend their lives together. 

I don't want to hear YOUR PERSONAL opinions on the matter Mr. Christie. We did not elect you to hear them ...and personally I didn't elect you at all!  No one wants a homophobe as Governor of this state!! Please do your job and stop disrupting Human Rights for everyone! 

"Equality Under The Law"........Christie obviously has no idea what this means.

Citing “far-reaching implications".  Yeah, for this run in 2016 and nothing else.  Jerk

If my sister an her husband can benefit from joint tax returns from the Feds and my partner and I cannot, that is a violation if the states constitution. Plain and simple. Discrimination by legislation. 

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