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NJ Gov. Chris Christie: My Gay Friends & Relatives Won't Change My View On Same-Sex Marriage

While getting in face time with voters at a New Jersey diner, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was confronted by female voter, Bert Bueno, who challenged his position on same-sex marriage. 

A reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer witnessed the interaction and writes: 

She immediately asked him why he opposed gay marriage and vetoed a bill that would have legalized it. He said that he wants voters to decide the issue on the ballot.

"This is different from gun control and taxes -- this is a human rights issue," Bueno said.

"Says you," Christie said.

"It is," she retorted.

"If you're waiting to find a candidate you're going to agree with every time, go home and look at the mirror," Christie said. Or, "if that's your most important issue, then you can vote for the other person."

She asked if he would sit down with a group of gays and lesbians to allow himself to be convinced of the other side.

Christie demurred. "I have relatives who are gay. I have friends who are gay. I can sit down and have a conversation, but I don't think it's going to change my view," the governor said.

Bueno softened. "I appreciated this interaction," she said.

"Me too."

As his security hustled me away, Bueno praised Christie for working with President Obama after Sandy. "I thought that was very courageous of you," she said.

I returned to Bueno's table and asked if the charged but cordial conversation with Christie had changed her mind about him. Would you vote for him, I asked?

"F*** no," she said.

It's interesting that Gov. Christie seems to have an issue with abiding by decisions made by representatives placed in office by VOTERS. He says he wants voters to decide on same-sex marriage, but didn't they do that via their elected representatives?

We're curious how he rationalizes his stance to all of these gay friends and relatives that he supposedly has. 

What do you think of Christie's interaction with this New Jersey voter, Instincters?



So, Even though Christie has gay friends and relatives, he still wants to deny them the same legal benefits and protections that he takes for granted for himself.  I am glad that he is not my friend.

As as Catholic Christian, we are all sinners. It is up to judge to judge us. But we are to teach catholic teachings.

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IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer

A bigot usually starts a conversation with "...some of my best friends are ________." You can fill in the blank with either Gay, Lesbian, Black, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or even Undocumented. Either way, a hard-nose bigot is just the same and we need to vote him out of office next month. 

Then my fellow enlightened citizens of PA can vote out that clown Corbett in Harrisburg next year! 

Anybody who thinks you they are superior to you and have an incontestable say in your life without your permission is NOT your friend or your family, they are your slave master.

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