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'No Tip' Server Loses Job At Restaurant; Paypal Returns Donations??

Dayna Morales's "no tip"/anti-gay receipt scandal may be entering its final chapter. She's officially no longer employed at Gallop Asian Bistro, the restaurant where she began this entire saga, as of this past Saturday. 

630WPRO reports:

Following the allegations against Morales, her employer, the Gallop Asian Bistro, said on Saturday she no longer would work at the restaurant.

The restaurant posted a message on its Facebook page that read in part, "In light of the investigation and recent events, both Ms. Morales and Gallop Asian Bistro have made a joint decision that Ms. Morales will no longer continue her employment at our restaurant. We wish her well in the future."

The report goes on to relay that some of the donations sent to Morales via PayPal have been returned:

"It has been confirmed that refunds have been issued to people that gave to Dayna Morales and the story we posted last month that she sent about the note on the receipt where she was not tipped," Have a Gay Day founder Michael Knote wrote on the Facebook page. "We're not sure who is exactly issuing the refunds but we have had 4 different people send us info that they received PayPal refunds this morning."

No word yet as to whether Morales voluntarily returned those funds or if PayPal provided the refunds based on Morales's *allegedly* fraudulent actions. 



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I think it is crazy how some crazy lady who told people that she didn't get a tip could get so big and out of hand, there is much more important things for the world to focus on, let this be a lesson that liars get caught out in the end and lets move on and focus on more demanding world issues!!

I find it odd that the restaurant say their investigation results are inconclusive. Which is hogwash. They are conclusive, and they show her to be a liar. Which is why they fired her. I highly doubt she agreed to lose her job. She lied, it was proven, and they are trying to act like this is all being done civil-like. They can try to use civility, but they had their reputation ruined, and they should not walk on eggshells for this. As I said awhile back, I knew she was lying from the beginning, none of her story added up. She REALLY needs help.

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