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NOM's Brian Brown: African-American Clergy In Illinois Prove Marriage Equality Isn't 'Inevitable'

How clever!  The National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown manages to run a victory lap over Illinois' failure to pass marriage equality legislation, while praising African-American legislators and clergy as the reason for the legislation's failure. 

Check out Brown's blog post in the National Review today to see if you agree; here's an excerpt: 

Illinois is one of the biggest and most important states in the nation. It’s President Obama’s home state. Democrats have a super-majority in both houses of the legislature. Governor Pat Quinn is a prominent supporter of so-called same-sex marriage, as is the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s former chief of staff), and the leaders of both houses of the legislature. For months, Illinois was expected to be the next major victory for advocates of same-sex marriage. President Obama, Governor Quinn, Mayor Emanuel, and other prominent Democrats put their prestige on the line to actively campaign for the proposed law. Advocates licked their chops, just waiting to celebrate their certain victory. Yet a funny thing happened on the way to this “inevitable” redefining of marriage — it didn’t happen.

So much for inevitability.


What happened in Illinois is that African-American pastors worked hard to reach and convince African-American legislators to stand tall for the truth of marriage — that it is an institution created by God to bring men and women together for the benefit of children that can only be created through the union of men and women. That’s what marriage is, and that’s the truth that these pastors demanded that legislators recognize.

President Obama tried to defeat them by personally lobbying legislators. So did Governor Quinn and Mayor Emanuel. They all failed.

Many groups worked hard to defeat this attempt to redefine marriage, including the Illinois Family Institute, Illinois Catholic Conference, Illinois Family PAC, and the National Organization for Marriage. But African-American clergy who would not be dissuaded from speaking out for truth made the difference.

There are many heroes in this battle, including former Democratic state senator Reverend James Meeks, Bishop Lance Davis, Bishop Larry Trotter, and the members of the African-American Clergy Coalition.

Together these heroes for marriage did what few thought possible — defeating gay-marriage advocates and their supporters in the legislature in the bluest of blue states. They did it by refusing to blink in the face of political pressure because they believed in the truth of marriage.


Isn't it interesting how Brown manages to paint the African-American community and clergy in Illinois as the scapegoats more liberal voters can point to while looking for someone to blame for  the marriage equality defeat?

It's a pretty clear attempt to divide LGBT-friendly voters from the African-Amercan voters, who in many cases are part of the same constituency (read: Democratic). 

Mind you, dividing the LGBT and African-American communities isn't a new move in the NOM playbook.  We just wonder if it'll be effective?





The fight for equal civil and legal rights will continue, in spite of this bump in the road.  I am sure that the majority of African-Americans see how much we have in common with them, and in time, we both will become First-Class citizens.  By the way, take a look at Brian Brown's; he has great teeth!

I meant to say, take a look at Brian Brown's photo.  

So basically what the blood thirsty Nazi Brian Brown is saying is that the IL government illegal chose to ignore the needs of tax payers to appease the threats of non-tax payers and violate the establishment clause of the first amendment.

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