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NOM's Brian Brown Could Be Criminally Charged For Collaborating With Russia On Anti-Gay Adoption Ban

We heart Fred Karger. Ever the sharp thorn in the National Organization for Marriage and its leader Brian Brown's side, the gay activist has taken his government accountability of the hate group to a new level this week. In a petition to Secretary of State John Kerry, Karger asks for an investigation into Brown's recent Russia trip that ended up with Putin passing now infamous anti-gay laws.

Writes Karger in his letter to the Secretary:

Immediately after Mr. Brown’s meetings and testimony in the Russian capital, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a severe crackdown on LGBT rights, affecting all LGBT visitors to Russia to include Americans.

If Mr. Brown did travel to Moscow with French religious leaders with the express intention of furthering discrimination against LGBT Russians and all LGBT travelers to Russia, this could be in direct conflict with current United States laws.

It has been widely reported that Mr. Putin’s crackdown against LGBT rights in Russia was in part responsible for President Obama’s cancelation of his much-anticipated visit to Moscow in August for talks with Russian President Putin.

Do you think Sec. Kerry will move forward with such an investigation?



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at the least investigate and find evidence.  if the evidence is overwhelming that he did conspire with the Russian Government then our government should exercise its right to prosecute. 

I certainly hope so.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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