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North Carolina Teacher Suspended For Playing 'Same Love' Music Video For Students

Deja vu?? You may remember that last year Michigan teacher Susan Johnson was suspended for playing the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song, "Same Love" for her students. Johnson later received an apology after the American Civil Liberties Union got involved.

On Monday it was reported that a North Carolina teacher has now been disciplined for playing the "Same Love" music video. 

That Macklemore. Taking teachers down across the country, one at a time. 

The Taylorville Times writes:

The Times received a report of a local teacher being disciplined in the past week for showing a controversial music video in class to students.

When contacted about the matter, Alexander County Schools Associate Superintendent Dr. Jeff Peal stated, “At West Alexander Middle School, there was an inappropriate video shown in class, outside the bounds of the curriculum, that called for disciplinary action last week. That teacher will be back in school this week.”

Peal declined to comment further and did not name the teacher who was disciplined. He did confirm that the video was a music video by a rap artist named Macklemore entitled "Same Love."

According to online reports of the video, the song has a theme that is inclusive of homosexual values.


Hmm...we wonder if this school has an expressed ban on music videos in general? Nah. Probably not. 

Considering the video isn't in any way sexually graphic, we'll have to assume that the teacher was disciplined for promoting "homosexual values." Gotta love acceptance and tolerance!


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