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North Korea Responds To Glaring U.N. Human Rights Report With Homophobic Statement

North Korea has really underscored an unsurprisingly unflattering human rights report from the United Nations. In response to the damning report on the country's human rights record, North Korea state media has issued a a bizarre homophobic attack on U.N. lead investigator Michael Kirby. Posted to KCNA's English-language website, the state media claims:

As for Kirby who took the lead in cooking the "report", he is a disgusting old lecher with a 40-odd-year-long career of homosexuality. He is now over seventy, but he is still anxious to get married to his homosexual partner.

This practice can never be found in the DPRK boasting of the sound mentality and good morals, and homosexuality has become a target of public criticism even in Western countries, too. In fact, it is ridiculous for such gay to sponsor dealing with others' human rights issue.


The particular insane attack on Kirby aside, North Korean leadership's laughable claim that gays don't exist within the country's borders marks the first public comment on homosexuality since its state-run media went online. 

Writes Adam Taylor at the Washington Post:

However, the use of homophobic insults seems exceptional, even for North Korea: A quick search of KCNA appears to show that this is the first time the agency has used the word "homosexual" since the agency went online. Officially,  homosexuality doesn't exist in North Korea, and there appear to be no laws on the books banning it.  In the rare moments it is acknowledged, it is viewed negatively. In an article for NK News published last year, Oliver Hotham wrote that many North Koreans have little knowledge of homosexuality, and it is often viewed as a foreign concept.

Denying the existence of something that occurs across nature and all of human culture within one's own country is a start, at least, right? 



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As god as my witness I went to the North Korean embassy in Vietnam and gave a dossier on Gay Judge Justice Kirby and made all this happen!

Everyone is using "holocaust" comparisions to start world war III. Gay judge from Australia Justice Michael Donald Kirby is trying to get a UN WAR order (without veto from China / Russia) against North Korea by comparing North Korea to Nazi's. Only problem is that police in his HOME country wear NAZI SS DEATH CAMP sympbols with [gay] pride. Record this crap on AJ (Al Gore TV) .. Gay judge from Australia trying to get a UN Security council sanctioned war against north korea - using "holocaust" comparisions - where in Australia special gay police wear nazi symobilism with pride!
Michael Kirby is a bigot and a fool. He uses the term NAZI to describe North Korea but NSW Police where he hails from wears NAZI SS designed logos with pride. I am a poltiical refugee from Australia due to persecution from these special gay police - google "hate crime and terrorism" to see a government website showing they do in fact exist. In South Africa only whites could investigate blacks if there was a white victim. In Australia only special GLLO nazi logo wearing gay police can investigate hetrosexuals if a homo points the finger. In South Africa "No Blacks Allowed" signs lawful. In Australia "No Hetrosexuals Allowed signes" in front of pre-schools for gay dads lawful. Think I'm joking. See the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board's exemption page "It's not against the law to discriminate against someone who is not homosexual, it's only against the law to discriminate against someone who is homosexual". Pure BIGOTRY. Read that again and change the H word to "white" and tell me it's not bigoted. Gay Apartied down under. He goes out in public and defends the closet homosexual NSW Police Minister David Campbell here where the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACMA (think FCC if you are American) says people who are closet homosexuals going to PUBLIC GAY SEX CLUBS deserve to be outed, and DONT DESERVE TO BE PUBLIC OFFICIALS because they can be "compromized" blackmailed to do the bidding of the gay lobby. THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT HAS SAID YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE A CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL LIKE KIRBY WAS FOR 20 YEARS BECAUSE OF BLACKMAIL OF THE GAY LOBBY (those who know you are gay) (Channel 7 video: David Campbell MP - who there is a video of on my channel took my complaint against corrupt conduct of gay police who have gone into the business of giving criminal justice stay visas (ZB 951) to illegal immigrants facing deportation for fraud as visa of last resort - BEFORE I WAS ACCUSED OF AUSTRALIA'S RAREST CRIME AND FIRST OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG LAW 60C NSW CRIMES ACT. Gay Rights Activist Lee Rhiannon MLC Said only corrupt police would use this evil law, before only GAY POLICE DID. Crime of obtaining information (sexual preference) on law enforcement! Secret Gay police? I know it's strange you should see the search warrant on my site. The gay mafia is everywhere. They just ruled if you are against Alister Crowley's religion that talks about anal sex black magick and the murder of young boys you will be sued for religious villification. See Mark Dice's channel for information on that relgion of child rape it's a crime against the state to stand against. You can see him holding up Alister Crowley's book with the relavent section highlighted! Look up the case of gay attorney general Rob Hulls vs for relgiious villification against the OTO Australia that run "secret location" churches. Before David Campbell got done using his tax payer funded car to to a public gay sex club "Kens Karate Club" ... Justice Kirby had provided a taxi service to "male prostitutes" according to a sworn affadvait.  - Remember even gays support my cause against special gay police. See this interview back to back with Lord Mayor of Sydney Election Eve 2010 on Sydney's only gay radio show 2SER Queer Noise saying Just that!

Why do people continually assume that positive views toward homosexuality will result in the decline of population?

Homosexuality would be seen as a threat to NK. Children are needed as future soldiers & slaves. An evil regime would lose its grip if the population continually decreased. Come to think of it NK needs more gays, birth control and abortion. If only Truman did what needed to be done we wouldn't have a NK problem today.

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