Norway's Men's Olympic Curling Team Strips To Undies In Response To Uniform Rules Violations Inquiry

The guys of the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team sent a message that's even louder than the well-known busy bottom halves they bring to the ice rink today. In response to curling fans around the world suggesting that the team's famous proclivity toward crazy patterned pants violates IOC and curling rules, the guys had this to say in front of the Sochi Olympic flame:

We must admit that it's not much of an argument, guys. While we're all about breaking fashion convention whenever possible, we're also kind of loving this look right now. We may even consider watching curling if this is what we found behind the stones and ice brush tools. 

Anyway, it seems that as long as all the members of a curling team are dressed identically with outfits registered with the World Curling Federation beforehand, they're probably not breaking any rules. 

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