This is not a Drill! Chris Pratt Loses his Shirt in Michelob Ultra Commercial!

Brace yourself, fellow gays... hunk of all hunks Chris Pratt just got shirtless in a brand new Super Bowl ad, and it has increased my desire to watch football and drink beer even further now.

Chris is featured in a Super Bowl ad for Michelob Ultra, which just got released yesterday.  The ad, called "The Perfect Fit", starts with Chris on the phone with his agent, where he appears to have gotten an audition for a Michelob Ultra commercial.

The 30 second spot shows him training for said commercial, which includes jogging, lifting a 2 pound weight, scaring people as he walks past them, and being FREAKING SHIRTLESS while saying "I am Captain Michelob."

This is already the best Super Bowl commercial, and the others haven't been released yet.  Clip below.