Nude Blacks Rugby Team Tops England In Naked Rugby Match

​Clearly not content with letting the World Cup players get all the attention, New Zealand's Grab-A-Seat Nude Blacks rugby team played their annual naked game against England's Invitational team at University Oval in Dunedin. 

The Nude Blacks came out on top with a score of 24 to 19, but really are there any losers here?

Here are some NSFW-ish video and photographic highlights:

(H/T: NNNext)



And they say soccer is gay 

Ok boys have fun playing with each other Gay cunts

where is this video every  one should watch?

Laughed out loud - best news article I have read all year ;)

Never see any goodies on this site. We want to see bits

Obviously you didn't watch the video.

Yep. Lots of bits in the video. Lots of foreskin too.

foreskin....oh that thing that starts off on all penis:O heaven forbid someone didnt pointlessly chop off their foreskin :O

Nothing like an article like this to pull the old queens outta tha woodwork with their jar of good ole vaseline.

Dobbins sorry he troll this thread - Dobbins wants to be equal - its just Dobbins has never been asked to sit down by a wizard -- like an equal

-and you right along with them, hypocrite..or are you jealous ,no one is paying attention to you? :) (There, I gave you ten seconds, happy? ) 

that's cool. and the world cup 2014 all the players should be naked. the coming olympic the athletes should be naked....... 

According to my high school history teacher, centuries ago, the Olympic contestants were all nude. According to my teacher, initially the Olympic athletes did wear clothes. However, during some match, a woman won the game and embarrassed all the male contestants. From that point on, to save the pride of men, it was mandated that all participants be nude so that woman were kept out of the match. Kind of sad, but that's history for you

My understanding it was a all male race, midway through one mans loin cloth fell off and he won!  early concepts of aero dynamics led them to believe being unencumbered by the it he ran faster, and so began the glorious era of the naked Olympics!

started watching rugby and i really like it, naked or not.

What's with the tramp stamps?

Looks like the whole team got them in the form of temporary tattoos.  Same design on all of their upper arms too.  I'm assuming it's a form of uniform.  The ink is too dark to be a real tattoo (unless they all got them within the last week).  

Bottoms! Lol

i like the expression on the face of the one with no shirt on

Ps, I've go to start watching more of it...and soccer...if for the the hot men only...

Watch the video ! I have only watch rugby a couple of times. But I think they aren't as aggressive naked as they are clothed. Lol...and one dude had what looked like open sores on his back. Not a good idea to tackle him. 

Oh. My. How very, very nice.

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